Thursday, November 20, 2014

Dream Big but Carpe diem!

They say you have to dream. It does not stop there, you have to dream big. They say that's the way to have a happy life. I don't know you but for me to dream, big or small, I need inspiration,even to get my head focused on work. Most of the artists I know get their inspiration from music. I know for a fact that bright ideas, mostly with a pinch of weirdness, don't grow gradually. They just appear out of the blue when you have the right mindset and environment.  

Well, I think we all are dreamers, even though most of us fall in with the rat race of the society. Once upon a time we all had free minds with no borders or rules. How many of us dreamed of being astronauts, pilots, firemen, gardeners,  mechanics, artists,  scientists, doctors, engineers, etc. without the guidance of our parents? Even if you didn't dream that big I am sure you've had small dreams like hitting that annoying kid who always keep picking on you just to look better. But somewhere down the line we have drawn ourselves into the frames defined by the society and are afraid to loosen the mad horse called imagination outside of those boundaries.

We have trained ourselves very well to a routine.  A never ending cycle of waking up, eating, working and sleeping and of course some healthy or unhealthy habits in between, according to one's taste. Once in a while when something drastically change we halt the stride for a while and think,'Am I doing this right?', of course 'right' is pre-defined by others . Never do we ask, ' Am I doing what I want to do?' or 'Does what I do make me happy?'. I think answering the former question is quite easy. You just have to compare notes with the ideal 'right' situation and see how much you deviate.

But answering the latter is hard. To know whether you are doing what you want to do you have to know what you want to do in the first place. For me as a kid I wanted to do a lot of things. I wanted to draw well like those pictures of fairies inside of lady bird story books. I wanted to fly fighter planes like Bigglesworth, play Badminton until my legs gave way, travel the world, etc... But one thing I sure as hell didn't want to do was to run for president. I mean who wants to hang one's photo on all the dirty walls in every town and village! 
But when you grow up, things change. You realize you have to make choices because time, money and lot of other things are limited unlike our imagination. You have to choose one or few from all the wild dreams, and sometimes even things you've never dreamt of doing ,like laundry or making the bed.

So after all the ranting, here's what I wanted to share. I watched this film called " Dead Poets Society" with late Mr. Robin Williams acting as an English school teacher. The film ends in a very sad note. Apart from the subject he teaches the kids a life lesson. " Carpe diem", to seize the day. Dream big but enjoy the day. Don't get lost in searching for dreams and pursuing them and forget the reason you went after them in the first place!(Hello!,remember happiness?)

Don't recoil away from change. I don't think even change will dare to conquer you completely if you meet it with a wild grin and a crazy glint in the eyes! :D

Enjoy your dreams, don't suffer them.


Thursday, March 13, 2014

I suppose its the first post for the year - hopefully not the last

I promised myself to write posts when I am stressed from exams, as usual. But the problem with this semester's exams was they were not stressful! Okay I admit Environmental physics was a handful but rest were quite enjoyable. Yup you heard me right I called an EXAM enjoyable. This lead to no stress, so no blog posts either.


So I submitted my last work for university today. Field trip journal for Conservation Biology and Wildlife Management course. We had two field trips for this one. 5 days 3 nights trip to Wasgamuwa and Maaduru Oya National Parks and 2 days one night trip to Sinharaja. The first one we observed quite a number of animals and birds but the latter was mostly trees and lot of tree nymphs.

I was planing to go Sri Pada for the 2nd time but couldn't go.

Oh and we had FOS bloggers get together. As usual I wanted to go but I really am not so good with the whole concept of get together so I wanted to avoid too. But at the end I went. It was quite nice. I got this souvenir as I was leaving uni and so the students blog. It was nice to be recognized but bit awkward for being appreciated for things I did not really do. I mean I wrote some posts time to tome, 3 posts to be precise. I wanted to help with the starting off. But then I got so busy with one thing or another I forgot all about it time to time.

It is not that I value blogging or any other clubs in university less. I love writing when I feel like writing. When I feel like writing and if I start I just cannot stop it. It is just that I have so many things in my mind I loose track of one thing or other. For an instant when the inter-university games season arrives I even forget about studies. Then there is designing to think about. I have been off 3Ds max so long I don't even remember how to make a decent material. Yup you heard me right, just the other day I wanted to make kaleidoscope with mirrors, in 3Ds of course. I couldn't remember how to make a mirror material for scan line! ( an the blog's name is 3Dsmaxcreations ha!) So bottom line is I loose track and things clash plus I'm not so comfortable with this whole get together concept as I said before. So my apologies.
I have a few topics in my mind to blog about. But not enough background readings yet.

So things so far this year are;

Lots more people are going to work this year.

Uni is deserted, even with 4 year generals and 4 year specials still there.

I finished my degree but I'm still going uni like 3 days per week. Still am not working.

This March is really warm, if you didn't drink a bottle of water every 10 minutes you'll end up like a dried Maldive fish.

Ah we had a batch get together, which was kind of fun. Met all the friends who went off for internship.

If I haven't said already I've got a cactus in a pot on the window sill. ( Yes I'm gardening again and no I'm not planing to kill it ) I think I've found the plant that matches me because I do forget to water plants all the time and this one just flourishes even with less care. Apparently cacti doesn't fare well with lots of watering everyday!

The last to-do list still stands( from 2012 I think). I haven't done much from it. So it will be my to-do list for this year too.

Apparently I've been blogging for 4 years, not that I have written much for last two. Cheers to me for not stopping. ( I really do need to find a topic to write on other than this ranting)

I won't promise I'd write soon. But I hope I'd write or I'll probably die from boredom.

Cheers to you all busy bees!
Have a nice day! Remember to drink a lot of water!!

Saturday, November 2, 2013

After some time...

Well as the topic says it has been some time since the last post. I wasn't in much mood to switch on the computer leave alone write a post. Imagine that! Our Service Learning Project makes us travel around doing workshops. So far all visits have been one day, which makes all the work concentrated to less than 12 to 6 hours and even more tiring. Anyway it is a good learning exercise and a good cause so I do enjoy quite a lot. And of course our project group is so much fun to hang out with, we practically played an imaginary card game just the other day!

And there were the CGU workshops and Wildlife lectures and trip. Oh yeah people I went on a 4 days, 3 nights field trip! (which I will write about later, because officially I have to write a journal for it and have to omit some data and their sources for ethical reasons. Which means it will take a while to sit down and write and then again proofread )

Anyhow I missed the chance of writing posts. 
But don't worry, exams are coming up. Time to get a bit stressed and write more.

Found some interesting websites. 

Found this web design tutorial series at Tuts+ which would be really useful for an amature web designer.

And this new website, called Colomboard, a lot like a local version of Pinterest.

Some awesome colours and designs on Venessa Jackman blog.

Whats there to not like? Maybe the material. Not so good for a tropic country like our. Still!!

Ok I'm not a big fan of long skirts. But this outfit looks classy

Looks cozy isn't it?
 I love the print in this one. 

And this. Colours too!

Both at

I don't know why it took two days to write this one. Even when the content was not really mine and sharing other people's content with links to their respective posts. Perhaps I've been off writing freehand too long and out of practice.
Time to brush it up!

See you soon.

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Field Trip Continued...

My time table for uni in this semester is almost empty except for a few lectures scattered here and there. Yet whether I get busy or not is quite unpredictable as the Service Learning Project takes a lot of time off the week, unnoticed. So about the field trip,I couldn't finish all about it last time. And here I am trying to make a lecture free day useful :-)

Unfortunately now I can't remember half the things we did. I'll tell you the other half anyway. 

So we went to that art gallery and then had lunch. Then we went to see the jungle beach in Rumassala Mountain and the Peace Pagoda there. The view from the jungle beach was magnificent. We took some photos there ( Of course we should be taking photos! It was a photography field trip after all!!) I can't remember taking that many photos myself. Sea is a place I love and enjoy. At the moment that I love and enjoy I prefer to indulge in the moment. 

We had to leave this place in a hurry. A storm was brewing nearby even as we arrived and it started to rain as soon as we reached the Peace Pagoda. It was time to pack up all the gear and head back home. We stopped at beach near the Kaluthara Pagoda. It was a great experience in taking long exposure shots of the lighter pagoda, sea and the setting sun. It was too cloudy to capture the whole yellow round ball of fire sinking into the sea, yet some of us with all those DSLRs managed to capture few clouds that were painted by its rays. I did manage to take some pics, even though compacts tend to go haywire when lights are low. Tweaked some settings that could be tweaked and took these photos. 

Couldn't resist taking one of these as a souvenir. They are designed well aren't they? 
By the time the photo shoot at the gallery was finished, we all were hungry!

At Peace Pagoda 
Kaluthara Pagoda

Rainbow right after rain

Sun setting behind the clouds

Sea :D

Sun going down and lights coming up 

When lights are low we can do a thing or two with compact cameras too, even though its hard to edit settings! :-)

Hope you enjoyed the post and enjoy Galle even more than I did if you ever get to go there!


PS : Second field trip of the society is to Dehiwala Zoological Gardens. If any uni students out there didn't hear about it well we'll be going on this Saturday(7th September) and you are welcome!

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Field Trip to Galle

The trip was organized by Photographic Club of University of Colombo Faculty of Science.
As all of you know I am one bankrupt photographer with only a phone camera and a compact cam that broke down recently. So කැමරාවක් නැති කළ මොන ෆොටෝග්‍රැෆි ද  ? Hehe So the sole reason I went on this field trip was to go an a trip, and because I hadn't been to Galle for ages, not counting the Aththaragoda field trip.

I borrowed a compact camera of a friend never the less :-)
So I have few captures that I found interesting.

I personally think Galle fort is the most boring place you can ever be. I love the beauty in diversity. I also like the beauty in simplicity, just like plain old black and white. But the environment inside Galle fort was not of either type. It was too much of the same thing and at first every thing is foreign and after a while you get sick of too much of uniformity. So I didn't take that many pictures of the architecture of the fort so many people talk about. Instead took things that looked different from the uniformity.

This was near the entrance to the clock tower
oh well I'm not sure it came right or not, but I surely enjoyed taking this photo.

The clock tower from different angles and different places.

Few crops of the same photo

There is a reason they call him "little psycho" :P

The lonely man on top of the fort.

View from the lower grounds near the clock tower was magnificent! Anyway I've always loved the sea, so that comment is highly biased. The vast ocean covers most of the view. From one side the cricket stadium and the buildings towards inland and from the other side the buildings inside the fort  covers the view.

As I remember a ODI match was scheduled that day

A weird ring inside the fort. Have no Idea what it had been used for. Looks pretty old and full of rust though. Probably helped to mount cannons.

To say again, I LOVE the colours of sea.
The Navy boats going around the fort in sea

I love to take these random geometric shots.
Sight of a temple and a church(from the view towards the inside of the fort)
This was at the front of the museum

So was this lamp post.
We went to see two old churches inside the fort. All Saints Church and the Dutch Reformist Church. Out of which one had really beautiful windows with coloured glasses. They did not allow us to take photographs in side it ( probably we because we were not tourists or white skinned for that matter) but they allowed us to take photos inside the other church. I took this glorious shot of the window without using flash. 

We got the chance to visit this small art gallery in Galle by some small luck. Apparently it was supposed to be opened in the evening on same day. The gallery has been open for quite a time, but not officially opened. So as usual I managed to ask and get one of post cards as a souvenir. You can see the works in the gallery by above link or this face book link because the above link takes ages to load with slow connection) I absolutely loved it. 
Reason one : The whole gallery was painted in pure white without that many dents in walls. I love white walls. I've been trying to paint walls of my room in white with no success. Painted 3 coats and it still have the colour painted before lurking about!
Reason two: Almost all art work were black and white! Well I personally think artists speak in black and white. And that a great artist could capture the colours in black and white too. I mean not exactly colours but a great artist can trick you to think there are colours in black and white photograph or a drawing just buy bringing it alive with the shading.

This is one of the/the fan in the gallery decorated in a strange yet beautiful way.
I think I've made this post too long by describing the art gallery alone( And I'm not being payed by them to put this post) So I will write about the rest of the field trip in next post.
Expect lesser number of photos though. I had a point and shoot cam so it was not much friendly with low lights.
Until next time!

Tuesday, May 21, 2013


Help to find her a home!

A friend of mine has a stray kitten without a home.
He cannot take it home since his house is near a busy road. The place has a high death rate for kittens and we are afraid this one will also die if we keep it there. I cannot adopt it since I live in a flat.
Its a female kitten about 2 months old. We can provide with vaccination if anyone is interested in providing it a home. Just need a nice home and a family for it to live with. For more details drop a comment below

Have a nice week!!

Monday, May 13, 2013


Books are strange creatures. I say creatures because they seem to be alive sometimes. Some books make you happy, some sad. Some are fresh, feels like drinking a cool Orange juice on a hot humid sunny day. Others make you tense, full of action and excitement. You don't get to read to the end of most of the boring ones. Some books are not that boring but you skim through the pages only to see where the story is going. Some stories are weird, as if  they could never happen in reality. Some are so realistic the story unfolds in front of your eyes as you read.

I don't call myself a student of literature. Although I studied both Sinhala and English literature for my Ordinary Levels and I have read quite a number of books from both languages, I haven't exactly followed it in a disciplined manner. I think for one to be a disciplined student one has to read all those golden works by Shakespeare, Wordsworth and so on. People usually get inspired by those works. For me the case is different, same as animations. Almost every animator say they were inspired by Toy Story, Cars, Jurassic Park or one of the award winning golden oldies. I however started learning animations because I liked to learn the techniques and later got inspired from recent work of Sebastien Laban and Virginie Goyons "Meet Meline". Many would say its not a big deal as much as works of Disney and Dreamworks. But for me there was some strange kind of fire in it that got me inspired.

Back to books, I started to associate them before even I could read. Like most of the things in my life I tagged along with my sister to first the Children's Section of the Colombo Public Library and then the Lending Section when I was too old to be in the children's section anymore( According to them! I however wish that I can borrow books from the children's section. I do love those books than the more realistic and harsh books in the leanding part).

We went there with our grandfather who used to read newspapers there until we were finished with the hard chores of choosing the books we wanted, reading one or two and in my case looking at pictures in the early days. My sister borrowed Sinhala translations of Tarzan, the largest books there, and ladybird series books with large letters in English and colourful pictures. Mother used to read the English ones to us. We were all a lot behind in learning English than Sinhala as it was only the second language and not much used in day today life. But reading books did help to "think in English" as well as Sinhala, as Rudyard Kipling says in his book Kim.

From the books I've read I love a strange collection of books and writes. I don't see any similarity in their writing style or topics.

All the lady bird series books
All books by Enid Blyton
Biggles series by W.E. Jones
William series by Richmal Crompton
Jennings by Anthony Buckeridge
Sinhala Translation of Adventures of Tom Sawyer and Hucklebury Finn by Mark Twain
Ganga Niroshini Suduwelikanda's Sinhala Translation of Little House series by Laura Ingalls Wilder
Sinhala translations of books by Edith Nesbit
Nancy Drew by Carolyn Keene
The Hardy Boys
Sinhala Translation of Great Expectations
Sinhala Translation of The Children of the New Forest
To Kill A Mocking Bird
Kim by Rudyard Kipling
Hover Car Racer by Matthew Reilly
Lord of the Rings series by J. R.R. Tolkien
King in the Window by Adam Gopnik
All books by Roald Dahl
All books by Gerald Durrell
Sinhala Translation of A Story about a Real Man by Boris Palevoi
Most books by Arthur C. Clarke
Sherlock Holms by Arthur Connan Doyle
Covert One series, Bourn series and most of the books by Robert Ludlum
Inheritance Series by Christopher Paolini
Harry Potter series by J.K. Rowling

I'll add the names as I remember.
Any patterns you see? I see non.
Have a wonderful week full of reading and books :)