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Silurian Period (440-410 mya)

Development of large vertebrates with hard external body coverings.
a) Trilobites 
b) Ammonites
Invasion of land by plants and arthropods.
Evolution of vertebrates with jaws for predation.
Tendency towards increased powers of locomotion in some animal forms;
- Development of external skeleton and muscular systems.


Devonian Period (410-360 mya)

Extensive radiation of fishes with jaws.
Cartilaginous and bony fishes diversified extensively during Devonian period.
They had evolutionary jaws with associated muscles. Reduced body covering. Evolving fins with associated bones and muscles. Fast moving predatory forms were present.
Towards the mid late Devonian period the first appearance of early tetrapods occurred.
They originated from lobe-finned fishes.
Colonization of land.
Fishapods who had both fish-like and amphibian-like qualities came into existence.

Terrestrial Environment in Devonian Period

Cooler Climate.
Development of fresh water basins lakes and swamps.
First appearance of winged insects.
Forests also appeared.
Increased diversity and abundance of plants occurred.
Some plants were about 2 m tall and grew in dense patches.
Arthropods  such as millipedes , scorpions and spiders were the dominant animal group.
Greater diversification and increase of the size of the plants occurred during the late Devonian period.
Giant ferns, horsetails,club mosses and such like plants were present.
Heterosporous plants appeared.

Sources : 
Zoology notes

Extra reading Sources :


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Geological Time Scale

Firstly the Calcium group analysis would be continued after January (hopefully) because I don't have any soft copy or rough hard copy of the discussion points since I sketched the person next to me to avoid falling asleep and falling from the stool, instead of taking notes.So all the notes are on the discussion of my record book, which cannot be moved out of the lab until all the lab sessions of the course are over.

Evolution of Cosmos

Universe began 15 billion years ago. 
Earth is 4.6 billion years old.
3.5 billion years ago life formed on Earth.
1.9 - 2 billion years ago Eukaryotic Cells appeared.
In the last 550 million years the evolution of most plants and animals familiar to us happened. 

Natural Effects

1) Meteorite impacts
2) Volcanic eruptions and Larva flows
3) Mountain building
4) Earthquakes
5) Erosion
6) Slow movement of continents
7) Formation and destruction of ocean basins
8) Glaciation (formation of sheets of ice)
9) Climatic Changes

Some of these do not happen today. But they have left records in rocks.

Some of these events have not occurred during the human life span. Such as 
a) Forming of large glacial ice sheets
b) Huge meteorite impacts
Other events have occurred too slowly, thus they are difficult to measure
a) Plate tectonics
- Sea floor spreading
- Continental drift
b) Erosion of mountain ranges
Some events are short lived but catastrophic
a) Volcanic Eruptions
b) Earthquakes
c) Floods

Fossils :  Fossils are preserved parts or impressions left by organisms (plants/animals) that lived in the past.
Fossil Records : The orderly sequence in which fossils appear within layers of sedimentary rocks that indicate  the passage of time
Study of fossils and fossil records are important in determining the events that occurred during each time interval/duration.
Sedimentary Rocks : Are formed from sedimentation of material at the surface of earth and settling of minerals withing bodies of water ,deposited in layers. These are the richest source of fossils.

Geological Time Scale

Geological time scale describes the timing and the relationships between events that had occurred during the history of the Earth. It is mainly based on major changes in fossil records found in rocks.It contains events that occurred during last 4.6 billion years.Geological Time Scale is divided to various time intervals of various sizes. The largest time intervals are Eons. Eons are divided into Eras,Eras to Periods and Periods to Epochs.

Eon  ~ Era ~ Period ~ Epoch

Animal Life Through Time

Life diversified in bursts /pulses.
Dramatic increases of diversity of life forms are followed by periods of low diversity.
Sudden increase of diversity is related to events such as ;
a) Development in hard skeleton marine animals
b) Development in flight in insects and birds
c)Transition to land
Sudden disappearances of large number of species within a short time (Extinction)

Precambrian Era

About 700 million years ago(mya) - multicellular organisms appeared
About 580 mya - first animal forms in the fossil records
Soft bodied animals (similar to jelly fish and annelid worms) evolved in the sea.
Continents were separate land masses.
543 mya fossil records show a sudden burst of many different life forms.
Diverse multi cellular animals appeared within short space of time (5-10my)
The ancestors of almost all the animals that live today are found in the fossil records of this era.

Paleozoic Era

Cambrian Period (543-505 mya)

"Cambrian Explosion"  ( the dramatic increase of diverse animal forms)
Development of hard body covering and spines on body.
Trilobites and worm like forms.
The climate was warm and the seas were shallow.
Primitive land plants that were associated with water appeared.
Towards the late Cambrian the appearance of fish like forms occurred.

Ordovician Period (505-440 mya)

Marine invertebrates specially Arthropods and Moluscs were dominant.
Great diversity of body plans.
Evolution of bones- a new tissue as a skeletal material occurred. First appeared externally.
The climate was warm.
Appearance of early Craniates.
Craniates have a bony structure called a skull in the head.
Craniates are Chordates
- Myxini -hagfish
-Petromyzontida -(including lamprays)
-Gnathostomata - (Jawed vertebrates)

Early Craniates 

Arose in the sea.
They were without Jaws.
Had circular, slit-like mouth.
No paired appendages.
Gill openings for respiration
Body covered with heavy body armour.
Several groups radiated extensively ( in large scale) during the Silurian and Devonian periods.
Two related specialized groups survive today.
a) Lamprays

Sources :
Zoology notes 

Extra reading sources:

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Semi-micro analysis of cations in an inorganic substance

To identify cations the solid salt needs to be dissolved in a soluble solvent.To find the soluble solvent it is tried to solve 5mg samples in the following solvents. As soon as a solvent that the substance can be dissolved is found further steps are not carried out.

Firstly the small sample is dissolved in distilled water.If the substance dissolves in water there is no need to use any acids. Thus chemicals are saved so is the money used for them and the chemical waste is reduced.

If it cannot be dissolved in water then 5mg samples are tried to dissolve in 4 mol/dm^3 / dil. HCl ,4 mol/dm^3 / dil.HNO3 , Conc. HCl, Conc. HNO3 in the respective order. Dil. HCl is added because some salts that are not soluble in water are soluble in acidic medium. But the Chlorides in the Silver group are not soluble and if Silver group cations are present they may not dissolve. Dil. HNO3 is much stronger acid than dil.HCl thus it may dissolve the salts that HCl doesn't dissolve. In Conc. HCl the salts that do not dissolve in dil. HCl forms complexes with the excess of Cl- anions present, and dissolve. Conc. HNO3 is much stronger acid than conc. HCl and may dissolve more salts.Apart from being more acidic both dil. and conc. HNO3 are oxidizing agents. Thus they may oxidize salts and dissolve them too. And both HCl and HNO3 removes hydroxo and ammonia complexes from the inorganic substance.HNO3 in particular dissolves insoluble sulfides by oxidizing sulfide ion to sulphate ions , thus dissolving the given compound.First it is tried to dissolve in the cold solvent and then heated and tried to dissolve.

When the appropriate solvent is decided 30 mg of the substance is dissolved in a portion of 3 cm^3 of the solvent.

Silver group and Calcium group cations are tested using the general scheme of cation group separation as below.

A portion of 1 cm^3 of the above prepared solution is taken and a few drops of 4 mol/dm^3 is added.THe Silver group cation chlorides are precipitated in this step.

AgCl, PbCl2 , Hg2Cl2

More HCl is added from the same solution until no more precipitate is formed. The precipitate is filtered and the filtrate is kept for further analysis.

Silver group analysis (Ag+ , Pb2+ , Hg2 2+)

The precipitate is washed with 10 drops of  2 mol/dm^3 HCl solution so that the precipitate is formed well and does not go away from the solid system. No further HCl is not added because the silver group anions forms complexes in excess Cl- such as [AgCl2]- and [PbCl4]2- which are soluble and thus we won't be able to keep Silver group cations in the precipitate.

A portion of 2 cm^3 of water is added to it boiled , stirred and centrifuged and separated while hot.

AgCl  1.6 x 10−10  PbCl2 1.17 x 10−5  Hg2Cl2 1.1 x 10−18

When boiled the solubility product of the each of these precipitates increases. But the Ksp value of PbCl2 is much higher than the other two(about 10 5 times! ) Thus Pb2+ ions dissolves and when centrifuged they are in the solution while Ag+ and Hg2 2+ ion s are still in the residue.

Confirmation test for Lead

To the hot solution 1 drop of 2% of KI solution is added.
Pb2+ (aq) + 2I- (aq) --------> PbI2 (s)

The yellow precipitate of PbI2 (s) , crystalline in silky plates indicates the presence of Pb2+ cations in the initial substance.

If more I- is present [PbI4]2-(aq) is formed and PbI2  may dissolve 

The residue with the rest of the silver group cations (IF present!) is washed with hot water so that if more PbCl2 are left in the precipitate it dissolves in the solution.And the wash is tested with K2Cr2O7 solution until no Yellow precipitate is formed. Here the precipitate formed is PbCrO4 (s) 

Cr2O7 2- (aq)  + H2O (l)   <-------------> 2CrO4 2- (aq) + 2H+(aq)

CrO4 2- (aq) + PbCl2 (s) -------------->  PbCrO4 (s)  + 2Cl-(aq)

So it is made sure that Pb2+ ions are removed from the solution so it may not interfere with further tests. 
Then a portion of 1 cm^3 of 4 mold/dm^3 of NH4OH is added. It is warmed, stirred and then centrifuged.

NH4OH is added so that AgCl(s) is dissolved as [Ag(NH3)]+ (aq) and Hg2Cl2(s) is precipitated as HgNH2Cl (s) white precipitate and Hg(s) silver precipitate which looks black because it is not clean.

AgCl(s) + NH3(aq) ---------------> [Ag(NH3)] + (aq) + Cl- (aq)

Confirmation test for Hg2 2+

The above black precipitate

Hg2Cl2(s) + 2NH3(aq) --------------> HGNH2Cl (s) + Hg(s) _NH4(aq) + Cl- (aq)

Confirmation test for Silver

To a part of the solution 1 drop of 2% KI is added. A yellow precipitate indicates the presence of Ag in the initial substance.

I- (aq) + [Ag(NH3)]+ (aq) ------------> AgI(s) + NH3(aq) 

Calcium group analysis (Ca2+ , Sr2+ , Ba 2+ ) and Pb2+

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මේ දවස් වල වැඩ

ඔන්න ඉතින් හැමෝම සිංහලෙන් බ්ලොග් ලියන නිසා මටත් හිතුන සිංහලෙන් බ්ලොග් පොස්ට් එකක් ලියන්න.:D
මේ දවස් වල වැඩි දෙයක් නම් කරන්න ලැබෙන්නේ නෑ. අලුත් ඇනිමේෂන් , මොඩෙලින් කරන්න වෙලාවක් හොයාගන්න තියා පාඩම් කරන්නවත් වෙලාවක් නෑ. හැබැයි මට බ්ලොග් ලියන්නයි සර්ෆ් කරන්නයි නම් ඕනේ තරම් වෙලා තියෙනවා. :P ඉතින් මුකුත් කලේ නැති නිසා ලියන්න දේකුත් නෑ වගේ. බලමු කල්පනා කරලා.

ම්ම්ම්ම්ම් ... අහ් අපේ අක්කගේ ඉල්ලීමක් මත කිටී ගැන බ්ලොග් සටහන් වගයක් ලියන්න අදහසක් තියෙනවා. ලිපි ලියන්නේ අක්කා. එයා වැඩිය කොම්පියුටර් සම්බන්ධ දේ ට කැමති නැති නිසා මට තමයි ඉතින් පොස්ට් කරන වැඩ එහෙම කරන්න වෙන්නේ. බලමු එකටත් වෙලා තියෙයිද නැද්ද කියල. අහ්හ් දැන් මතක් උනේ යාලුවෙක්ට ටී-ෂර්ට් එකකට පොඩි ෆොටෝෂොප් ඩිසයින් එකක් ඇන්දා. එක නම් පොස්ට් කරන්න බෑ. අතිශය රහස්‍ය වැඩක්. වෙබ් පිටුවේ වැඩේ නම් තාම මුකුත් කරන්න ලැබුනේ නෑ. පටන් ගත්ත තැනමයි. ඒක සම්පූර්ණ කරන්න නම් ඉතින් පී එච් පී , ඩ්‍රීම් වීවර් හරි කොන්ට්‍රිබියුටර් හරි ඉගෙනගන්න වෙනවා. හැබැයි ඔය මොකක් කරන්නත් දන්නා ෆොටෝෂොප් වැඩ ටික ඉවර කරන ඉන්න එපැයි.දවසට පැය 48 ක් විතර තිබ්බනම් කොච්චර හොඳද කියල හිතෙන්නේ මේ වගේ දවස් වලට තමා. මට දැන් ප්‍රශ්නේ තියෙන්නේ ඇයි මම බ්ලොග් පොස්ට් එකක් ලිය ලිය ඉන්නේ ප්‍රැක්ටිකල් එකක් රෙකෝඩ් කරන්න තියෙද්දී. අයෙමත් වෙලාවක් ලැබුනොත් සිංහල බ්ලොග් පොස්ට් එකක් ලියන්න ඕනේ. දැනට මේ ඇති මන් හිතන්නේ. දැන් මොකක් කියලද ඉවර කරන්නේ? නිමි ? සිංහල රචනයක් ලියපු කාලයක් මතක නෑ නේ.

නැවත හමුවෙන තුරු සුභ සතියක් !
ඒක ටිකක් ෆෝමල් වැඩියි වගේ නැද්ද?

Oh and please kindly point out if there are any grammar mistakes :D

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Party Time!

Yaayyy! Its the mid semester break! :D lots of free time to spend with Max and PS
Here is what I did for the past two days.

light bulb

This is from the tutorial
Actually it(the light bulb) should be much better than this if I made it according to the tutorial but as usual I'm too lazy to adjust render options or material options thus the poor materials and render.

Thats a small animation of a flag.

And guess what!? I made a web layout! yeah!! I just need to make the rest of the pages and slice them and get them done in dream viewer or some other software since my knowledge of HTML is very low and I don't have any idea about PHP.
Lay out will be out when the site is out. මොකද කියනවනේ "නිතර දකින කුකුළාගේ කරමලෙත් සුවෙනවලු" කියල.I just hope free site of mine can hold all those images in the layout.

Well thats it for now.

Expect more animations and models next week!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

The Remote

Okay this is really really late in the night

But well how can I not write when I've already started to write.
This is about the new remote control my dad has bought for our DVD player because the old one is not working( in a state where the best electrical engineer of the world cannot repair)
And the most important thing about this remote is that it doesn't have the usual commands and command buttons. Due to the fact that this remote is manufactured out of our solar system it needs another manual of its own to operate. Or this may be due to the circuit under the buttons being displaced. Either way the photo above shows the remote and its guide. The author of the guide is my older sister :-)

Okay ALRIGHT! I'm off
have to submit a report before 8 O clock
:-) Hope you guys are doing well

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Small animation in the middle of all the work!

Yeah! I managed to make a tiny animation in the middle of all the work!
Okay its not that good. I mean I didn't have any story board or any idea or a grand objective for the animation.

Modeled this light bulb to show a friend how to use the lathe tool and assigned materials to it.
Then adjusted some parts as Asimov from Max-realms suggested and switched on the light!
:D  Aad gave me the sound track from

Okay there are major problems here. The filament must glow since its what produces light and there must be a holder and a wire to supply electricity.
Well any feedback for my poor modeling and animation are always welcome. Please be free to comment and more importantly critique. Simply say what you think. :-)

But this is not the reason I wanted to write the blog note for. It was to be about our new TV remote control.
It looks like the camera batteries are low so I've to wait till the next post to write the classic story of our TV remote.

Anyway gotta go
Hope you enjoyed the animation

Sunday, September 12, 2010


Another quick short post!
About the only thing I got some time to do other than writing notes, reading and going for sports practices is make this image using two of old photographs with Photoshop CS2

Location : Galle Face


There are still some parts to adjust.
But I must say its way better than the older one which I did using PS as well but using that photo-merge function. This one I cleaned up manually with brush and clone stamp and of course tones and levels.

This is the old one


The three photos used for the latter and the 2 photos for the former are on the photostream , in Photography set. If you want you can download and play with them as well.

Special thanks for Prabath for pointing out the mistakes :D

Thats it

Bye for now

Thursday, August 26, 2010

:D got 2 minutes free!!

At last got two minutes free to write a blog post!

Didn't get much time to model many things but managed to do a bit here and there whenever I got to sit down to the computer!

Not going to go for all the pictures specifically but well you can see all of them here

Made a new sword, and an ear.

And did a bit of photography, if you are kind enough to call that that

Its lot busy here. With English Intensive course and getting to know the new environment.
But have to tell you our intensive group is simply AWESOME!
Tomorrow is the last day of the intensive course and looking forward to see all the classic dramas we practiced in the class room, on stage!
(This includes drama from our class , the script of which changed more than 10 times altogether within less than 4 or 5 days,) Thats what happens when there are too many cooks! :D lol!

Well will make something when I get time and update with info about it( when I get time again :D )

Almost forgot !
Oh what did I forgot and just remembered?? :O
oh okay
It'll come back later into my mind.

Ahhh Dragonese! I drew a dragon! Any good names around there??
Unfortunately(or fortunately) I can't post any picture here.
Well I'll try to get a copy when its printed ( yeah when and if, have to count both of them)

Well 1.30 am! Gotta wake up tomorrow!
So bye for now
See you around!


Thursday, July 29, 2010

Hat =D

The Sketch
Wire frame Print Scrn

Black and white render
Rough color pattern
I just hope I can UVW unwrap the 3D model and texture it better than this!!


Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Abacks the green guy

This is Abacks the green guy. lol ! I didn't give the name, a friend did. I was wondering which angle to put on the top and decided to put this one at the end.

I was moving the vertices of a box for some reason and got this shape that gave me an idea to make a head. And well this is what I came up with at the end.

Here are the other two renders from two other angles.


Sunday, July 18, 2010

Bored to death :-/

pair of shoes


Been a bit busy these days ,with getting ready all the paperwork for university and all that. But got some time to finish the pair of shoes (I'm not very sure whether it is all finished though. The shadows looks not bad from far but if you take a closer look they aren't anywhere near impressive)

First day at university was not bad eh. But felt like a grade 1 student all over again. I mean everyone was nervous and hardly anyone spoke more than a few words or even smiled. Had that English placement test. Same old story with the English exam really.( 2 hours test, wrote in 1/2 an hour and slept the rest ) Just counting days until the academics start.
And yeah another good news, we are lucky enough to have 2 SLUGS during our course time!
:D Which is quite a rare chance.

Logo animation is coming to an end. Just clearing up small problems and mistakes.

Character rigging is going well. Boned the whole character and now creating IK chains.

Cleaned up the room and got rid of half the junk. But well I've kept the other half
:D You can't call all of it junk really. When you have lots of hobbies and interests you are bound to have lots of collections!

Found two antique Russian Zenit Cameras from around 1980 with all the lenses and a flasher. I know one is from 1980 because it has the logo of 1980 Moscow Summer Olympics on it.
Have to get them cleaned and working so I can learn some proper photography.
My dad is not going to like this though. Camera reels prices are quite high.

I'm trying to model my little sister's head using the reference photographs I took with 3Ds Max.I can tell you she liked the idea at the beginning and now she isn't liking it one little bit. All due to my modelling skills and all that. Yet I hope when I add some hair with Hair and Fur modifier and attached the ears it would look better than this.


I've to adjust the eye color too.

Hope you guys are doing well.

Apart from having both my FB account and the e-mail account connected to it being hacked( or what ever the term you use for that) ,
And all of the FB knowing my passwords (those who don't know me might think I'm loony but those who know knows what they means) I'm doing extremely well.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010


2 or 3 posts ago I mentioned a problem I was faced with when I was doing an animation.
What I wanted to do was give an animated opacity map to the particle system and a separate material to particles.Yet I didn't know how this could be done.

So I posted the question in Area , CGTalk and Max-Realms

If you go to the three links above you'll find 4 separate ways of doing this. And I won't be surprised if you have thousand more ways to do it. Anyway I've put this animation aside for a while and started the rigging tutorial from where I stopped.

Will post about it later.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Paper plate

Hia! After a bit of a long time I'm posting a blog note.
I'm going to be short this time too because it is 3.30 am!

This paper plate is what I made today.

(OK I agree black isn't such a good choice of colour if you want the bumps in the plate visible)

Monday, June 28, 2010


I'm writing this quick post for those who read my last blog post in yellow letters and are still thinking how to do what I said.(If anyone actually read that post!)

Anyway the problem is solved. There are two solutions to this so far. I'm sure there are many more!I got the two answers from CG Society forums and Area Forums.

So don't panic if you can't find a way. Be calm and I'll make a detailed post tomorrow.


Sunday, June 27, 2010

HELP! Particle Flow 3Ds Max

This is what I wanted to do for past couple of days and I still don't see any way to solve this.So thought of asking for help.

What I want to do is create an object with particles and animate it so that particles appear from bottom to top.The particles shouldn't move from bottom to top.They must appear from bottom to top.

I've made the particle system with Particle Flow(PF Source) and given it materials but I don't know how to animate it.

I thought of doing this using a Gradient Ramp as the opacity map. But the problem is I can't put it in the particle
material's opacity slot as it already have another opacity map and even if I do it would animate opacity of each particle
not the opacity of the whole particle system.How do you assign an animated opacity map to the whole particle system?

How do I do this (or is there any other way of doing this without plugins) ?

I've asked more than half a dozen people already but no one seems to know!

So if anyone passing by the blog or this blog post

Other than worrying on this one thing and thinking a hundred impossible ways of doing this I've been taking some black and white photographs of my ever ready ever posing photogenic Kitty.

You can see the rest of the photos above in my flickr photo stream for now and in my flickr account if you want to have a look

Then in 3Ds Max I started rigging "Character Model" if you remember him. And so far drew some bones for his legs. In bone rigging it is very important to give names to bones. Actually in any kind of modelling it is good to give names other than "Sphere1" , "Sphere2" , "Omni1", ...

Still wondering how I'm going to do that particle system. I know I won't even sleep properly(thats only a figure of speech!) until I get it solved.

Here is another photo of Kitty.

My little sister brought kitty from our school , when one of the cats who lives at school had babies. She is about 1 year old but still acts like a kitten, or a dog perhaps if you consider how much she bites!

I didn't get any spare time to learn HTML as I used all that to read some new books. I've got one of Doctor Who books from the library but still couldn't read it yet. It has got really small letters and it doesn't have the library smell I like (If you've borrowed books from the public library or any other library you know what I mean).

If I haven't already mentioned this in any earlier blog posts Bernard Cornwell's Excalibur (the 3rd book of a series ) is simply magnificent and a must read in my opinion.

It is 3.26 am and I'd better get some sleep.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Sopwith Pup Engine _ WIP

Got some time to work on this Sopwith Pup engine,which I started long ago.
I'm making this from an Area tutorial.Will finish as I get time.

Friday, June 18, 2010

Can't think about one :)

Thats true. I can't think about any title today.Nothing comes to my head.
Firstly I didn't get any time to learn more HTML but I'll dig up some tomorrow.And the head model is still unfinished without eyes and ears.But I found some time to follow a GIMP tutorial yesterday and created this from it.

GIMP stands for " GNU Image Manipulation Program" and it is a freely distributed software. You can download it from . It works a lot like Photoshop and the User Interface is a lot like it too. But I'm not yet familiar with it as I'm with Photoshop.

But learning GIMP and HTML is a good way to eat spare time if the universities are going to start in October as they said.

And about universities few of my friends have received their registration letters for their universities. And they are asked to register on 29th !!Few even have posted snapshots of them on FB! Well I'm really excited about this !!(Over excited would be much more accurate!!!!) Even if university studies are going to be started late I can play REAL Badminton if I get registered!! :D

I'm reading Excalibur by Bernard Cornwell at the moment and I've got History of the Middle Earth-The war of the Rings yet to start and 4 more books which I haven't thought of starting to read yet!!

Well gotta go now.I've to get some sleep!!
How I wish that there are 48 hours per a day instead of 24!!!
Good Night!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010


That is what I started to learn today. Started to learn HTML :D

So far I know how to write a heading, how to start a paragraph, how to put in a line break. And a little bit about how to insert an image and a link.

Here is what I made so far.

Hope to learn more and improve.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Facts and Faces

Now the UGC site is not that slow. So found the exact z scores.

For Colombo
Medicine 1.9671

For Hambanthota
Medicine 1.9686

What my friend said is not all true. It is not 0.1 more than Colombo but 0.0015
Still it is more than Colombo
Not only medicine but there are several other courses with a
minimum z score higher than Colombo.
I'm posting the whole list here.


Year- 2007/2008, 2008/2009, 2009/2010
Colombo- 1.9910, 1.9455, 1.9671
Galle- 1.9794, 1.9470, 1.9248
Jaffna- 1.8814, 1.8118, 1.7434
Hambanthota- 1.8813, 1.8744, 1.9686

Well these are facts and you can make your own conclusions by analyzing them.

About 3Ds Max work I made another head model. This time I put aside box modeling and did it with the polygon by polygon method. Still got ears and the inside of the mouth to finish.

btw Anyone know how to draw charts in blogger. I haven't downloaded MSoffice in my new computer.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Cut offs are out!!!!!

Hey there!
I changed the blog header today,since I use this blog to write about almost everything that interests me.

The cut off marks for university entrance are out on the University Grants Commission's website. It takes time to load the page and I've only seen cut offs for Colombo District so far.

But I've got some funny news about this year's cut offs from a friend. As she told me the cut off marks for Medicine in Hambanthota district is 1.97 and 1.96 in Colombo. Funny isn't it. I mean usually the top districts are Colombo, Jaffana, Galle and Gampaha. So how come Hambanthota got such a high minimum z score value!?

I'm getting a LOT suspicious about the abrupt rising of results in Hambanthota district ,not only in Advanced Levels but O/L and Grade 5 Scholarship Exam too. It seems Hambanthota has some kind of brain plantation! or someone's major plot is underway! I can smell a LOT of Tuna fish in this!!

Anyway for Bio Science the minimum z value has gone down for Colombo. And I'm happy with that. And some of the people who were going to do second time are going to go to what they get, which I'm more happy about. For me doing what one gets is 10 000 times better than doing the wretched exam again( as long as one likes what one gets!)
The problem with the majority is they DON'T KNOW what they like. They only want to do Medicine or Engineering! Just because their parents say.
Anyway all the people on earth aren't engineers and doctors!

The worst news of the day.
Universities are going to start in OCTOBER!!!
Can you imagine October! I've to stay home for ANOTHER 4 MONTHS!!
How can they do this to us! I mean since last August we are utterly jobless for 9 whole months
and they are saying we have to wait 4 more. That is MORE THAN A WHOLE freaking year!!
What do they expect us to do huh? Learn cooking and wood works??
It was the Education Minister who said this not the UGC. So we are hoping against all hopes that UGC would decide differently.

Ah almost forgot the good news of the day. I got my new computer assembled. And I got a 21 inch LCD monitor!!, instead of the 18 inch one my father promised. It is up and working now. Transferring most of the files manually,since there is no way of connecting both computers.

Well thats is all so far.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

I can't remember !!

Thats right I had something on my head to write on the blog in the afternoon. But now I can't remember which.
Anyway A/L cut-offs for University admission and the amount of students for each university are going to be out tomorrow.(Source_Radio News) Hope each of our wishes would come true!
Specially those who are in the margin!!

I've been working on 3Ds Max today too,but there are several problems that came up today. Have to think them out by tomorrow. Or perhaps in the morning.

Well thats it for now.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Pair of Shoes

Ok a short quick post. I've to catch some sleep

Here is what I did today.

Hand sketched my little sister's pair of shoes and worked on it with Photoshop.
That is the pencil sketch below.



Thursday, June 3, 2010

Some good reading I did this week

Well I've been working on Max as always but this post is regarding what I did read and hope to read these days.

පිටස්තරයා-2 has posted this link to the beautiful, bitter and very truthful article "us vs them"
Anyone stopping by this blog, I suggest you visit this link and read it. I suggest because if you haven't already seen this truth or if you haven't questioned about this problem in society it is quite the time you ask it from yourself and find the answer.

I've found lots of unexpected books last month and this month too. Found J.R.R. Tolkien's "The Hobbit or There and Back Again" in the public library ( PUBLIC LIBRARY!!) some times back and Dan Brown's "Angels and Demons" from the same place last week. Now reading J.R.R. Tolkien's "Lord of the Rings - Fellowship of The Ring" for the 5th or so time.

From the British Council I was able to dig up two more books on the same topic. One of the books of the "History of Middle Earth" series and another about Tolkien and LOTR.The third one I borrowed is Excalibur, I'm sure you all know that this is King Arthur's Sword and so the book is around the same legend.(At least that is what the review on the cover says.I haven't started to read it yet.)

If any of you've read the whole history of Middle Earth can anyone tell me what the Dark Lord has to do with Mirkwood and what happened there? I just saw in Fellowship of The Ring and started wondering which part of history I've missed. I've a guess that this is something to do with The Silmarillion, which I haven't read or found yet.

So I've got lots of books to read next week,(when considering the British council,next month) and lots of work to do with Max too. Plus I'm hoping to finish our course end project which we've paused due to busyness of each of the members of our group.

I've finished making the shape of the logo,finally! and well started on texturing. This I will put when the whole thing is finished.

My father says that he'll buy the rest of my new computer tomorrow. I always expect the unexpected. You know parents and politicians have some common qualities regarding expensive stuff.(If you know what I mean)
Well see you around

Monday, May 31, 2010

Hands are done!

Finally I finished with the UVW Unwrapping of hands! Only head is left!!
:D Hope to finish it by tomorrow!


Saturday, May 29, 2010

Back at work

So I got some of the parts of my new computer yesterday! A dual core with 2GB RAM. Only need a power unit, a casing and a monitor to complete it. OK I know Dual core is old fashioned and 2GB RAM is nothing, but well it is always better than a single core and 1GB RAM!
This will speed up most of my work.

So using the new mouse now,on the old computer.Todays post is not regarding anything about works of Max, but the Wesak Lantern we built, using that design I posted on an earlier post.

So here it is!

Yeah, that is the new carving on the right.

Hope you enjoyed!
Bye for now


Friday, May 28, 2010

No Work Again!

Now you are looking at a rare incident!
Me writing blog notes in the evening!!

Today really is not my day. Woke up late again and found that both keyboard and mouse aren't working! I fixed the problem with the keyboard but it seems the mouse is finally dead after its long time of service. But well, looks can be deceiving.
So I've turned on accessibility and am moving the cursor with the num-pad keys. Very slow when acceleration is low and uncontrollable when it is high. What to do!

Made this glowing material yesterday, to assign on the lantern I made. Instead assigned it to Buffy. This second one below is my sister's idea, she loves red.

We didn't make the big lantern this year. Most of the team were either ill or exhausted from work, except me of course. I never get tired of doing what I like. Hehe I used to annoy lots of coaches at the Badminton School with that attitude!
But we succeeded in making a single big lantern. We had 2 carvings left from my sister's school lantern and drew a new one for the other 2 sides.Will post photos tomorrow. :)

Will be doing the rest of unwrapping if my mother let me have the mouse of the laptop for the rest of the day. If not I'll have a look at lighting and Rendering tutorials.
Hope I can either fix this mouse or buy a new one by tomorrow.


Thursday, May 27, 2010

Vesak Full Moon Poya Day

That is today. The 2554th one. But this post is mostly about the stuff until today ,after the last post.

I haven't touched a thing on Unwrapping hands and head. Never go the chance. I've been working on my logo animation the whole time. If not some other thing and never the Unwrapping tutorial.

Finally I asked for permission to post a picture of the visiting card I made with Photoshop and 3DsMax. Ok, I know Max has got to do nothing with visting cards, but since I'm not that good at drawing things accurately with Photoshop I prefer to make them with Max and render an image the way I want. Thats how Max end up in even the 2D works of mine. Now I've removed the contact number and address since the company the card belongs to is not yet registered and is going to be registered in December.

And as always any C&C are always welcome.

I've stayed up till 5.30 am today(still couldn't break my earlier record). And like I always say at the end of my posts, I should get some sleep!
So bye for now.


Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Unwrapping again

(This is what it looks like when a model is being unwrapped, at least I hope so!)


Yeah thats what I've been doing the whole day so far. Unwrapping character model,the one I posted in the previous post. But I've yet to finish unwrapping the hands and the head,which are the most difficult of all the parts.

I've made loads of back ups as Asimov in Max-Realms suggested and each of these are helping me when I get stuck in a mess. So far there are 67 files for the character model alone and the number is still growing.

So far I've done 13 steps and am in the 14th now and there are 11 more steps left in the tutorial.
Now, these 11 steps are only for unwrapping and texturing. I've to follow another whole tutorial to rig!

If I can stay up late today too I guess I'd be able to finish unwrapping. This is quite uncertain since it looks like it is going to rain tonight.

It looks like that I'm using this blog of mine without 'b' , as my log for 3Ds Max and Photoshop works. I'm going to change the title soon, as I've said before, you can't give all the credit to max!

Thats it for today


Monday, May 24, 2010


I'm not quite certain how I am writing this post at all. My neck is hurting a lot and the last time I clicked on the "next" button on my UVW unwrap tutorial I was almost half asleep.

Ah yes, the week of Vesak is here. It looks like our annual huge Vesak Lantern is not going to be built this time,but yet again it is too early to jump into any conclusions. I haven't touched a thing on my 3D lantern either. I might work on it tomorrow(25th) or day after.

I drew this pencil sketch for the lantern my sister and her class are going to make at school and played with it with Photoshop. The 3rd picture shows the end result scanned in with 2 coloured A5s in the background. The credit for cutting the shapes with carving tools should completely go to my little sister.

Pencil sketch design for a lantern



I attached the ears I made the other day to "Character model" as well. And I've already detached parts and am in the process of UVW Unwrapping the guy. Tomorrow ,by hook or by crook I'm going to finish the UVW Unwraping. I wonder whether this tutorial uses Normal maps too.If it does I can get a good quality model. So here is the character model after finishing modeling ,which is before unwrapping.



you can see more pictures of character model on flickr photostream above.

The computer is working alright now. The full system scan has given it some speed.

well that is it for now
it is 2.45 am and I'd better get some sleep

Good Night!