Sunday, January 10, 2010

Buffy The Butterfly

Buffy is a model of a butterfly. My first ever model of a living thing.
Now I've changed the pattern in her wings and the colours too.
Do you see anything wrong with the above one? I didn't either,not at the start.
But its wings are all wrong. Not just the texture but the forward wings must be placed inside and the back wings out side.

Below is a video of the newly mapped-winged-Buffy taking off from the ground.

Both body and wings of Buffy are modeled with NURBS. So she is very heavy ,thus the video is very short. So for better animation and longer time I had to create another one much simpler than her.
The result is unnamed "Butterfly2".She has got same NURBS body but her wings are planes with opacity maps.

Monday, January 4, 2010


These windows are made with 3Ds Max 2009. Only splines and Geometry has been used.
The designs are from 's 2002 catalog.