Sunday, April 4, 2010

Well I'm feeling bored today!

Like the title says I'm feeling bored so thought of writing a blog note.This one is going to be a bit long since I'm going to update as much as I can.
I did bit from everything past week.Started rigging,started modeling a new character face,submitted some entries for webshots CC,ah kept on with the WW1 fighter engine,started reading "The Hobbit or There and Back Again" by J.R.R. Tolkien, and whatever else I started but can't remember.

So thought of uploading some pics instead of writing my journal here again!

Below is some pictures from the character face.And I included the blue print (not really!) I'm using incase you can't recognize who she is.

OK! If you can't recognize her even now,
She is Aelita from the French Cartoon Series "Code Lyoko"

Well I've no screenshots or renders from character rigging.I've only just started it!

Ah the Webshots.You know Webshots right?
OK If you don't know that either it is a photo sharing community That is the homepage.
Well I submitted 3 entries for the creative challenge this time and got the 4th place.OK thats not big deal since it is a JFF (Just For Fun) competition,but it is the first time I got anykind of place in an image competition.
This is the one which got 4th place

If you have anything to say about it or ask(you know like,why isn't there an orange colour egg in the picture? or why are there only 6 eggs? or anything) just leave your comment or question here or at my Flicker account.
And if you want to download the big picture,you can get it from here

Now about the fighter,inserted a spark plug to the engine
this is the photo I uploaded at Flicker

I guess you don't need link to Hobbit but since it is so easy to post a link

And nearly forgot to say, I made a football too.From a tutorial.

Guess I'd better get some sleep
YAWN! It is 12.43 am!

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