Sunday, April 25, 2010

Work of this week or work since last post

I really don't know what made me write and post this blog post today.It is almost4 O' clock in the Morning!(I mean I didn't get up at 4 in the morning,I've been up until 4!)

Well what did I really do since the last post?

Ah!, went one tiny step ahead in Sopwith Pup- the WW1 Fighter Engine model

Gave Aelita a mouth, now I only have to make ears and hair for her head.I thought of not making eyebrows and adding them from the texture

And did lots of colour tinting in Photoshop! That is really a great technique to be used on black and white photos.Unfortunately I can't post any edited photos here.Because all the photos I used to practice on are googled ones and I am still awaiting permission from the owners.Hope I'll get it soon,so I can post them in my flickr photo stream and here too.
By the way, I think there should be a new law of the ownership of images.Something like "since I googled and found that image I should have the right to use it!".

Did some PS editing,on a logo for a friend.And building a sword which I keep getting problems in texturing.

Found a good e-book on lighting and still on the page one!
Haven't touched one bit on character rigging!!

Finally started to figure out Unwrap UV W Modifier!Look what it did to my cat!!
And made a character model.

I think there are some problems with the topography of his face.Some vertices are misplaced or it needs more vertices.

Made castle walls for a castle for challenge. Didn't have much time to finish it after I wasted(I'm not sure I wasted or not) much time on the still for webshots CC

I'm going to finish the castle as soon as I get time.

And learned about matte shadows. I'm not going to post the render I tested matte shadows on,because it doesn't look right!Have to work on it more.

Now it is 4.20 am and my mom is going to kill me if I don't go to sleep

Happisis thanks for following me! you are my first follower
And I'm glad to get to know another girl who likes 3D works!!

Good Morning to you all and good night to me!

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