Monday, May 31, 2010

Hands are done!

Finally I finished with the UVW Unwrapping of hands! Only head is left!!
:D Hope to finish it by tomorrow!


Saturday, May 29, 2010

Back at work

So I got some of the parts of my new computer yesterday! A dual core with 2GB RAM. Only need a power unit, a casing and a monitor to complete it. OK I know Dual core is old fashioned and 2GB RAM is nothing, but well it is always better than a single core and 1GB RAM!
This will speed up most of my work.

So using the new mouse now,on the old computer.Todays post is not regarding anything about works of Max, but the Wesak Lantern we built, using that design I posted on an earlier post.

So here it is!

Yeah, that is the new carving on the right.

Hope you enjoyed!
Bye for now


Friday, May 28, 2010

No Work Again!

Now you are looking at a rare incident!
Me writing blog notes in the evening!!

Today really is not my day. Woke up late again and found that both keyboard and mouse aren't working! I fixed the problem with the keyboard but it seems the mouse is finally dead after its long time of service. But well, looks can be deceiving.
So I've turned on accessibility and am moving the cursor with the num-pad keys. Very slow when acceleration is low and uncontrollable when it is high. What to do!

Made this glowing material yesterday, to assign on the lantern I made. Instead assigned it to Buffy. This second one below is my sister's idea, she loves red.

We didn't make the big lantern this year. Most of the team were either ill or exhausted from work, except me of course. I never get tired of doing what I like. Hehe I used to annoy lots of coaches at the Badminton School with that attitude!
But we succeeded in making a single big lantern. We had 2 carvings left from my sister's school lantern and drew a new one for the other 2 sides.Will post photos tomorrow. :)

Will be doing the rest of unwrapping if my mother let me have the mouse of the laptop for the rest of the day. If not I'll have a look at lighting and Rendering tutorials.
Hope I can either fix this mouse or buy a new one by tomorrow.


Thursday, May 27, 2010

Vesak Full Moon Poya Day

That is today. The 2554th one. But this post is mostly about the stuff until today ,after the last post.

I haven't touched a thing on Unwrapping hands and head. Never go the chance. I've been working on my logo animation the whole time. If not some other thing and never the Unwrapping tutorial.

Finally I asked for permission to post a picture of the visiting card I made with Photoshop and 3DsMax. Ok, I know Max has got to do nothing with visting cards, but since I'm not that good at drawing things accurately with Photoshop I prefer to make them with Max and render an image the way I want. Thats how Max end up in even the 2D works of mine. Now I've removed the contact number and address since the company the card belongs to is not yet registered and is going to be registered in December.

And as always any C&C are always welcome.

I've stayed up till 5.30 am today(still couldn't break my earlier record). And like I always say at the end of my posts, I should get some sleep!
So bye for now.


Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Unwrapping again

(This is what it looks like when a model is being unwrapped, at least I hope so!)


Yeah thats what I've been doing the whole day so far. Unwrapping character model,the one I posted in the previous post. But I've yet to finish unwrapping the hands and the head,which are the most difficult of all the parts.

I've made loads of back ups as Asimov in Max-Realms suggested and each of these are helping me when I get stuck in a mess. So far there are 67 files for the character model alone and the number is still growing.

So far I've done 13 steps and am in the 14th now and there are 11 more steps left in the tutorial.
Now, these 11 steps are only for unwrapping and texturing. I've to follow another whole tutorial to rig!

If I can stay up late today too I guess I'd be able to finish unwrapping. This is quite uncertain since it looks like it is going to rain tonight.

It looks like that I'm using this blog of mine without 'b' , as my log for 3Ds Max and Photoshop works. I'm going to change the title soon, as I've said before, you can't give all the credit to max!

Thats it for today


Monday, May 24, 2010


I'm not quite certain how I am writing this post at all. My neck is hurting a lot and the last time I clicked on the "next" button on my UVW unwrap tutorial I was almost half asleep.

Ah yes, the week of Vesak is here. It looks like our annual huge Vesak Lantern is not going to be built this time,but yet again it is too early to jump into any conclusions. I haven't touched a thing on my 3D lantern either. I might work on it tomorrow(25th) or day after.

I drew this pencil sketch for the lantern my sister and her class are going to make at school and played with it with Photoshop. The 3rd picture shows the end result scanned in with 2 coloured A5s in the background. The credit for cutting the shapes with carving tools should completely go to my little sister.

Pencil sketch design for a lantern



I attached the ears I made the other day to "Character model" as well. And I've already detached parts and am in the process of UVW Unwrapping the guy. Tomorrow ,by hook or by crook I'm going to finish the UVW Unwraping. I wonder whether this tutorial uses Normal maps too.If it does I can get a good quality model. So here is the character model after finishing modeling ,which is before unwrapping.



you can see more pictures of character model on flickr photostream above.

The computer is working alright now. The full system scan has given it some speed.

well that is it for now
it is 2.45 am and I'd better get some sleep

Good Night!

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Desktop Problems

It seems that my desktop is having a cold due to the rainy season. Now it has gone all slow and it flash-bang-goes out even only one tab is open in my internet browser. It looks like it has caught some virus. I haven't run a full system scan in ages. Guess I won't get to do any work tomorrow.

Here is what I did (today? or yesterday?? I'm not sure) with Max.

Aelita_7 WIP

The hair is my own invention (If you can call it that)
I cloned the head,scaled it a bit,deleted the unwanted polygons,adjusted the vertices and then extruded the whole thing once and applied a mesh smooth. This way is much better than starting from a box and making the mesh from scratch.

I guess many use the same method, but hey I didn't pick it up from some tutorial.So it is my invention! :)

Ah apart from this I made this new animation, purely because it was black and white and took less time to render.But couldn't upload to youtube due to some error.Here comes desktop malfunctions again!

And did try to make some realistic rain with Pflow(Particle flow) and I don't think I'll get anywhere with it unless upgrade my computer and have some speed on it. Trust it to come again and cause problems!!

I guess I'd better get some sleep or the next time I yawn the whole lap top is going to fix in my mouth.

Bye for now


Thursday, May 20, 2010

Finally back to work!

Finally got some time to work. And the computer is back ship shape. The power unit was burnt out,so it has to be replaced. But rain is still there!

Anyway I modeled an ear last night and attached it to Ramona. Now her head is almost complete. Almost,because I can't render the hair she has now as it is a bit heavy,and have to replace it with a mesh,which I haven't done yet.So she still has a bald head.

Edited the same ears and gave Aelita a pair of ears too.

Ah yes, I started to make her hair mesh too. It is not finished yet though.

Before I started to write the blog post I was reading the e book on "lighting and rendering".
Rain can be expected any second now,so I'm off to reading again.


Wednesday, May 19, 2010

More Rain - No Work!

It has been raining all day, day before yesterday. The whole city has been flooded. Except our house of course since we are on the 3rd floor. It has been raining yesterday and today too. And more rains are expected in the afternoon.

Due to raining, thunder and lightening I can't work on the computer more than 10 minutes. And to make matters worse my desktop is not working! So, now I've to be contented with surfing the net and blogging until it is fixed, using my sister's laptop.

KimL42 at Flickr has written a short story on time travel. It is an awesome story and I really like the concept in it.
If you like to read Sci-fi ,here is the link.

2009 A/L Re-correction results are out. Anyone who needs to check theirs can go to and type in the admission number and see them.

Since I can't use the computer these days I'm doing some drawings by hand. Sketching mostly.

Now it has started to rain again.

Rain gods must have gone crazy after watching T20 World Cup matches.

Now it has stopped raining!

See ,I told you the gods have gone crazy!

Hope you people are having a rain free day!!


Sunday, May 16, 2010

Converse :o)

OK another blog post for today, because I'm extra happy( that is because I finished making a pair of shoes)

This is going to be a quick ,short post. Well I hope this is! It is 12.30 and I need to catch some sleep!!

Finished most of the mouth and nose of the character model and started on the ears. No picture to attach, didn't even render one!So no link either.

Started to model a pair of sneakers. A pair of Converese to be precise. And completely ruined them! Just by ignoring to look from left view port while modelling. So there is absolutely no chance of texturing this one. But I thought it was well not that bad if the pair was taken in a black background with the logo.

By the way, I think I did solve the counter problem :D

Thats it for today ( I mean 15th of May,there is lot to do on 16th!!)


Friday, May 14, 2010

Character model

This is what I did since May 7th (that is the last post)

Added two free web counters to the blog as suggested by Poppy.
The one at top shows the number of visitors the one towards the bottom shows number of visits.
Now don't be surprised that the top one is 5 numbers ahead. It is because I put it before the other one.Enough about counters,but I'm glad to see I'm entertaining more than 3! :D

Finally did the character modelling. But I've yet to give him a nose,mouth and ears. After that comes texturing and rigging. Which I hope to do soon!Well here are some work in progress pictures for now.

I was so fascinated by this video at YouTube

And thanks to 's tutorial at I made this video with 3Ds Max and Adobe Premiere.

This animation is done with PFlow, plus a wind.

We've made plans for our annual Vesak Lantern. But this time there are no carvings in it. So I've no drawings to do. But as always I've appointed my self with a project, to make the lantern in 3D :D
Here is a WIP of it too

Hope to finish the book on Lighting and Rendering soon, so I can light this up!!

The visiting card, I had to do some minor edit in it and now the final one is in print. :D Glad I could finish with it.

Can't do much work these days due to rain,lightening and thunder.But I still manage to turn on the computer here and there and work on MAX.

Hope you are having a day as great as mine is. :D

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Try...trying...and tried........

I've being trying to do a complete model today and never got through more than the first 2 or less steps.OK at least I did cut the blueprint I'm using with Photoshop and assigned them to view ports of 3Ds Max.

And I'll try doing the rest of it tomorrow and see where I can get. This time I'm following a full tutorial from head to toe modeling and texturing.(More like toe to head since the tutorial starts from shoes)

And I've got a part time job from a company that is going to start this December. Well though it starts in December I've got lots of work to do.You don't take a baked cake out of the oven without putting in the cake mixture!Anyway I don't care two hoots whether I'd be payed for my work or not or how much I'll be paid.All I need is experience in the field ,plus I love working on PhotoShop and 3Ds Max(specially 3Ds)

The best part about this is I've been working on Photoshop and 3Ds Max my head off.
Made a logo yesterday.And I made a visiting card design today.And now I'm awaiting feedback on the design.There might be somethings that I need to adjust and edit.When and if I get permission I'll post all my work here and Flickr.

Well talking about things that I can post. I made a sword,which I forgot to post last time.
This is the Sword.

I'm thinking about making a bunch of different kinds of swords since I found some good reference pictures and cross sections of them.

Though I made a different concept for the WebShots CC this time, I thought it was a waste to leave the crate alone. So made a die and rendered it with the crate and put in 2 entries to it. This low angled shot is my favorite of the two.

Edges of the crate are too sharp,I've been told,in comparison to the die. I'm going to give the computer to render the smoothed image and go to sleep as soon as I finish this blog note.

And I'm very sure I'll need to change the name of this blog very soon since I'm getting used to involve Photoshop in texturing more and more.(You can't give all the credit to 3Ds Max!)

That is all,I think, I did.

Ah and if you have some time look at this tutorial
I don't know whether the information here is enough to follow it and do the image at the end of it. But it is worth taking a glance(or two perhaps) at it since the last image is magnificent!

Plus take a look at this CGSociety article
It is on the film "How to Train Your Dragon"

Ah and thank you guys for following me. I mean, now I know that I'm entertaining a huge crowd of 3 with my 3D work!

3.43 am!My clock surely is turning counterclockwise !
Good Morning to you all!!


Sunday, May 2, 2010

Unwrap UVW

Hey there!

That is what I did all day yesterday! Unwrapping and texturing a Crate in 3Ds Max and Photoshop.
I started on a new tutorial to learn how to do it and it was a great one!
The video tutorial is from

This is the crate I made,it is a bit creepy.

I worked non-stop to finish the tutorial and due to the extreme stupidness of mine ,my neck is hurting!I hope it'll ease out by tomorrow.

I did some photo edits in Photoshop too. Luckily these photos are my own so I can do whatever I want with them.

Bolgoda Laka,Sri Lanka

A flower of our ever favorite "Karawila" or Bitter Gourd (Momordica charantia)

This one was taken on our way to Vauniya by train , just about a month before humanitarian missions started in East and North.

Well thats all for today