Friday, May 14, 2010

Character model

This is what I did since May 7th (that is the last post)

Added two free web counters to the blog as suggested by Poppy.
The one at top shows the number of visitors the one towards the bottom shows number of visits.
Now don't be surprised that the top one is 5 numbers ahead. It is because I put it before the other one.Enough about counters,but I'm glad to see I'm entertaining more than 3! :D

Finally did the character modelling. But I've yet to give him a nose,mouth and ears. After that comes texturing and rigging. Which I hope to do soon!Well here are some work in progress pictures for now.

I was so fascinated by this video at YouTube

And thanks to 's tutorial at I made this video with 3Ds Max and Adobe Premiere.

This animation is done with PFlow, plus a wind.

We've made plans for our annual Vesak Lantern. But this time there are no carvings in it. So I've no drawings to do. But as always I've appointed my self with a project, to make the lantern in 3D :D
Here is a WIP of it too

Hope to finish the book on Lighting and Rendering soon, so I can light this up!!

The visiting card, I had to do some minor edit in it and now the final one is in print. :D Glad I could finish with it.

Can't do much work these days due to rain,lightening and thunder.But I still manage to turn on the computer here and there and work on MAX.

Hope you are having a day as great as mine is. :D

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