Sunday, May 16, 2010

Converse :o)

OK another blog post for today, because I'm extra happy( that is because I finished making a pair of shoes)

This is going to be a quick ,short post. Well I hope this is! It is 12.30 and I need to catch some sleep!!

Finished most of the mouth and nose of the character model and started on the ears. No picture to attach, didn't even render one!So no link either.

Started to model a pair of sneakers. A pair of Converese to be precise. And completely ruined them! Just by ignoring to look from left view port while modelling. So there is absolutely no chance of texturing this one. But I thought it was well not that bad if the pair was taken in a black background with the logo.

By the way, I think I did solve the counter problem :D

Thats it for today ( I mean 15th of May,there is lot to do on 16th!!)


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