Sunday, May 23, 2010

Desktop Problems

It seems that my desktop is having a cold due to the rainy season. Now it has gone all slow and it flash-bang-goes out even only one tab is open in my internet browser. It looks like it has caught some virus. I haven't run a full system scan in ages. Guess I won't get to do any work tomorrow.

Here is what I did (today? or yesterday?? I'm not sure) with Max.

Aelita_7 WIP

The hair is my own invention (If you can call it that)
I cloned the head,scaled it a bit,deleted the unwanted polygons,adjusted the vertices and then extruded the whole thing once and applied a mesh smooth. This way is much better than starting from a box and making the mesh from scratch.

I guess many use the same method, but hey I didn't pick it up from some tutorial.So it is my invention! :)

Ah apart from this I made this new animation, purely because it was black and white and took less time to render.But couldn't upload to youtube due to some error.Here comes desktop malfunctions again!

And did try to make some realistic rain with Pflow(Particle flow) and I don't think I'll get anywhere with it unless upgrade my computer and have some speed on it. Trust it to come again and cause problems!!

I guess I'd better get some sleep or the next time I yawn the whole lap top is going to fix in my mouth.

Bye for now



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