Wednesday, May 19, 2010

More Rain - No Work!

It has been raining all day, day before yesterday. The whole city has been flooded. Except our house of course since we are on the 3rd floor. It has been raining yesterday and today too. And more rains are expected in the afternoon.

Due to raining, thunder and lightening I can't work on the computer more than 10 minutes. And to make matters worse my desktop is not working! So, now I've to be contented with surfing the net and blogging until it is fixed, using my sister's laptop.

KimL42 at Flickr has written a short story on time travel. It is an awesome story and I really like the concept in it.
If you like to read Sci-fi ,here is the link.

2009 A/L Re-correction results are out. Anyone who needs to check theirs can go to and type in the admission number and see them.

Since I can't use the computer these days I'm doing some drawings by hand. Sketching mostly.

Now it has started to rain again.

Rain gods must have gone crazy after watching T20 World Cup matches.

Now it has stopped raining!

See ,I told you the gods have gone crazy!

Hope you people are having a rain free day!!


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