Friday, May 28, 2010

No Work Again!

Now you are looking at a rare incident!
Me writing blog notes in the evening!!

Today really is not my day. Woke up late again and found that both keyboard and mouse aren't working! I fixed the problem with the keyboard but it seems the mouse is finally dead after its long time of service. But well, looks can be deceiving.
So I've turned on accessibility and am moving the cursor with the num-pad keys. Very slow when acceleration is low and uncontrollable when it is high. What to do!

Made this glowing material yesterday, to assign on the lantern I made. Instead assigned it to Buffy. This second one below is my sister's idea, she loves red.

We didn't make the big lantern this year. Most of the team were either ill or exhausted from work, except me of course. I never get tired of doing what I like. Hehe I used to annoy lots of coaches at the Badminton School with that attitude!
But we succeeded in making a single big lantern. We had 2 carvings left from my sister's school lantern and drew a new one for the other 2 sides.Will post photos tomorrow. :)

Will be doing the rest of unwrapping if my mother let me have the mouse of the laptop for the rest of the day. If not I'll have a look at lighting and Rendering tutorials.
Hope I can either fix this mouse or buy a new one by tomorrow.


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