Saturday, May 8, 2010

Try...trying...and tried........

I've being trying to do a complete model today and never got through more than the first 2 or less steps.OK at least I did cut the blueprint I'm using with Photoshop and assigned them to view ports of 3Ds Max.

And I'll try doing the rest of it tomorrow and see where I can get. This time I'm following a full tutorial from head to toe modeling and texturing.(More like toe to head since the tutorial starts from shoes)

And I've got a part time job from a company that is going to start this December. Well though it starts in December I've got lots of work to do.You don't take a baked cake out of the oven without putting in the cake mixture!Anyway I don't care two hoots whether I'd be payed for my work or not or how much I'll be paid.All I need is experience in the field ,plus I love working on PhotoShop and 3Ds Max(specially 3Ds)

The best part about this is I've been working on Photoshop and 3Ds Max my head off.
Made a logo yesterday.And I made a visiting card design today.And now I'm awaiting feedback on the design.There might be somethings that I need to adjust and edit.When and if I get permission I'll post all my work here and Flickr.

Well talking about things that I can post. I made a sword,which I forgot to post last time.
This is the Sword.

I'm thinking about making a bunch of different kinds of swords since I found some good reference pictures and cross sections of them.

Though I made a different concept for the WebShots CC this time, I thought it was a waste to leave the crate alone. So made a die and rendered it with the crate and put in 2 entries to it. This low angled shot is my favorite of the two.

Edges of the crate are too sharp,I've been told,in comparison to the die. I'm going to give the computer to render the smoothed image and go to sleep as soon as I finish this blog note.

And I'm very sure I'll need to change the name of this blog very soon since I'm getting used to involve Photoshop in texturing more and more.(You can't give all the credit to 3Ds Max!)

That is all,I think, I did.

Ah and if you have some time look at this tutorial
I don't know whether the information here is enough to follow it and do the image at the end of it. But it is worth taking a glance(or two perhaps) at it since the last image is magnificent!

Plus take a look at this CGSociety article
It is on the film "How to Train Your Dragon"

Ah and thank you guys for following me. I mean, now I know that I'm entertaining a huge crowd of 3 with my 3D work!

3.43 am!My clock surely is turning counterclockwise !
Good Morning to you all!!



  1. Hey,your work looks also wanted to be a designer,but ended up with in 3 idiots,loved arts,married management accounts.hehe.waiting for more of 3D work,& not only 3,though ppl don't follow, a lot visit a blog in a day neh....put a visiting counter gadget:)

  2. Thanks Poppy!
    Hmm thats the sad story I hear from most people.But hey, you can be a designer and do CIMA too.
    I mean designing is not my main field either!I'm a Bio Science student.

    hehe at least you have one love and one marriage! I've too many loves and do not know which to marry!!

    yeah I guess I've unknown visitors too. :) I'll put one of those gadgets soon

    Have a nice day!

  3. yep.But my ambition is to become a is now my hobby.going to publish a book in next year.(too many loves...mee too....)will let you guys know.take care.....

  4. yeah yeah !
    tell us when you publish the book ! :D

    I added those counters!
    take care!