Sunday, May 2, 2010

Unwrap UVW

Hey there!

That is what I did all day yesterday! Unwrapping and texturing a Crate in 3Ds Max and Photoshop.
I started on a new tutorial to learn how to do it and it was a great one!
The video tutorial is from

This is the crate I made,it is a bit creepy.

I worked non-stop to finish the tutorial and due to the extreme stupidness of mine ,my neck is hurting!I hope it'll ease out by tomorrow.

I did some photo edits in Photoshop too. Luckily these photos are my own so I can do whatever I want with them.

Bolgoda Laka,Sri Lanka

A flower of our ever favorite "Karawila" or Bitter Gourd (Momordica charantia)

This one was taken on our way to Vauniya by train , just about a month before humanitarian missions started in East and North.

Well thats all for today

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