Thursday, May 27, 2010

Vesak Full Moon Poya Day

That is today. The 2554th one. But this post is mostly about the stuff until today ,after the last post.

I haven't touched a thing on Unwrapping hands and head. Never go the chance. I've been working on my logo animation the whole time. If not some other thing and never the Unwrapping tutorial.

Finally I asked for permission to post a picture of the visiting card I made with Photoshop and 3DsMax. Ok, I know Max has got to do nothing with visting cards, but since I'm not that good at drawing things accurately with Photoshop I prefer to make them with Max and render an image the way I want. Thats how Max end up in even the 2D works of mine. Now I've removed the contact number and address since the company the card belongs to is not yet registered and is going to be registered in December.

And as always any C&C are always welcome.

I've stayed up till 5.30 am today(still couldn't break my earlier record). And like I always say at the end of my posts, I should get some sleep!
So bye for now.



  1. It is amazing how useful knowledge of 3D... stuff... is. I use blender for loads of things that it's not really meant for.

  2. Yeah
    I sometimes use Max to make textures too!