Monday, May 24, 2010


I'm not quite certain how I am writing this post at all. My neck is hurting a lot and the last time I clicked on the "next" button on my UVW unwrap tutorial I was almost half asleep.

Ah yes, the week of Vesak is here. It looks like our annual huge Vesak Lantern is not going to be built this time,but yet again it is too early to jump into any conclusions. I haven't touched a thing on my 3D lantern either. I might work on it tomorrow(25th) or day after.

I drew this pencil sketch for the lantern my sister and her class are going to make at school and played with it with Photoshop. The 3rd picture shows the end result scanned in with 2 coloured A5s in the background. The credit for cutting the shapes with carving tools should completely go to my little sister.

Pencil sketch design for a lantern



I attached the ears I made the other day to "Character model" as well. And I've already detached parts and am in the process of UVW Unwrapping the guy. Tomorrow ,by hook or by crook I'm going to finish the UVW Unwraping. I wonder whether this tutorial uses Normal maps too.If it does I can get a good quality model. So here is the character model after finishing modeling ,which is before unwrapping.



you can see more pictures of character model on flickr photostream above.

The computer is working alright now. The full system scan has given it some speed.

well that is it for now
it is 2.45 am and I'd better get some sleep

Good Night!

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