Friday, June 18, 2010

Can't think about one :)

Thats true. I can't think about any title today.Nothing comes to my head.
Firstly I didn't get any time to learn more HTML but I'll dig up some tomorrow.And the head model is still unfinished without eyes and ears.But I found some time to follow a GIMP tutorial yesterday and created this from it.

GIMP stands for " GNU Image Manipulation Program" and it is a freely distributed software. You can download it from . It works a lot like Photoshop and the User Interface is a lot like it too. But I'm not yet familiar with it as I'm with Photoshop.

But learning GIMP and HTML is a good way to eat spare time if the universities are going to start in October as they said.

And about universities few of my friends have received their registration letters for their universities. And they are asked to register on 29th !!Few even have posted snapshots of them on FB! Well I'm really excited about this !!(Over excited would be much more accurate!!!!) Even if university studies are going to be started late I can play REAL Badminton if I get registered!! :D

I'm reading Excalibur by Bernard Cornwell at the moment and I've got History of the Middle Earth-The war of the Rings yet to start and 4 more books which I haven't thought of starting to read yet!!

Well gotta go now.I've to get some sleep!!
How I wish that there are 48 hours per a day instead of 24!!!
Good Night!

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