Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Cut offs are out!!!!!

Hey there!
I changed the blog header today,since I use this blog to write about almost everything that interests me.

The cut off marks for university entrance are out on the University Grants Commission's website.
http://www.ugc.ac.lk/ It takes time to load the page and I've only seen cut offs for Colombo District so far.

But I've got some funny news about this year's cut offs from a friend. As she told me the cut off marks for Medicine in Hambanthota district is 1.97 and 1.96 in Colombo. Funny isn't it. I mean usually the top districts are Colombo, Jaffana, Galle and Gampaha. So how come Hambanthota got such a high minimum z score value!?

I'm getting a LOT suspicious about the abrupt rising of results in Hambanthota district ,not only in Advanced Levels but O/L and Grade 5 Scholarship Exam too. It seems Hambanthota has some kind of brain plantation! or someone's major plot is underway! I can smell a LOT of Tuna fish in this!!

Anyway for Bio Science the minimum z value has gone down for Colombo. And I'm happy with that. And some of the people who were going to do second time are going to go to what they get, which I'm more happy about. For me doing what one gets is 10 000 times better than doing the wretched exam again( as long as one likes what one gets!)
The problem with the majority is they DON'T KNOW what they like. They only want to do Medicine or Engineering! Just because their parents say.
Anyway all the people on earth aren't engineers and doctors!

The worst news of the day.
Universities are going to start in OCTOBER!!!
Can you imagine October! I've to stay home for ANOTHER 4 MONTHS!!
How can they do this to us! I mean since last August we are utterly jobless for 9 whole months
and they are saying we have to wait 4 more. That is MORE THAN A WHOLE freaking year!!
What do they expect us to do huh? Learn cooking and wood works??
It was the Education Minister who said this not the UGC. So we are hoping against all hopes that UGC would decide differently.

Ah almost forgot the good news of the day. I got my new computer assembled. And I got a 21 inch LCD monitor!!, instead of the 18 inch one my father promised. It is up and working now. Transferring most of the files manually,since there is no way of connecting both computers.

Well thats is all so far.


  1. //I got my new computer assembled. And I got a 21 inch LCD monitor!//

    Congrats.. :)

  2. .. and best wishes for your University life.