Saturday, June 12, 2010

Facts and Faces

Now the UGC site is not that slow. So found the exact z scores.

For Colombo
Medicine 1.9671

For Hambanthota
Medicine 1.9686

What my friend said is not all true. It is not 0.1 more than Colombo but 0.0015
Still it is more than Colombo
Not only medicine but there are several other courses with a
minimum z score higher than Colombo.
I'm posting the whole list here.


Year- 2007/2008, 2008/2009, 2009/2010
Colombo- 1.9910, 1.9455, 1.9671
Galle- 1.9794, 1.9470, 1.9248
Jaffna- 1.8814, 1.8118, 1.7434
Hambanthota- 1.8813, 1.8744, 1.9686

Well these are facts and you can make your own conclusions by analyzing them.

About 3Ds Max work I made another head model. This time I put aside box modeling and did it with the polygon by polygon method. Still got ears and the inside of the mouth to finish.

btw Anyone know how to draw charts in blogger. I haven't downloaded MSoffice in my new computer.

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