Sunday, June 27, 2010

HELP! Particle Flow 3Ds Max

This is what I wanted to do for past couple of days and I still don't see any way to solve this.So thought of asking for help.

What I want to do is create an object with particles and animate it so that particles appear from bottom to top.The particles shouldn't move from bottom to top.They must appear from bottom to top.

I've made the particle system with Particle Flow(PF Source) and given it materials but I don't know how to animate it.

I thought of doing this using a Gradient Ramp as the opacity map. But the problem is I can't put it in the particle
material's opacity slot as it already have another opacity map and even if I do it would animate opacity of each particle
not the opacity of the whole particle system.How do you assign an animated opacity map to the whole particle system?

How do I do this (or is there any other way of doing this without plugins) ?

I've asked more than half a dozen people already but no one seems to know!

So if anyone passing by the blog or this blog post

Other than worrying on this one thing and thinking a hundred impossible ways of doing this I've been taking some black and white photographs of my ever ready ever posing photogenic Kitty.

You can see the rest of the photos above in my flickr photo stream for now and in my flickr account if you want to have a look

Then in 3Ds Max I started rigging "Character Model" if you remember him. And so far drew some bones for his legs. In bone rigging it is very important to give names to bones. Actually in any kind of modelling it is good to give names other than "Sphere1" , "Sphere2" , "Omni1", ...

Still wondering how I'm going to do that particle system. I know I won't even sleep properly(thats only a figure of speech!) until I get it solved.

Here is another photo of Kitty.

My little sister brought kitty from our school , when one of the cats who lives at school had babies. She is about 1 year old but still acts like a kitten, or a dog perhaps if you consider how much she bites!

I didn't get any spare time to learn HTML as I used all that to read some new books. I've got one of Doctor Who books from the library but still couldn't read it yet. It has got really small letters and it doesn't have the library smell I like (If you've borrowed books from the public library or any other library you know what I mean).

If I haven't already mentioned this in any earlier blog posts Bernard Cornwell's Excalibur (the 3rd book of a series ) is simply magnificent and a must read in my opinion.

It is 3.26 am and I'd better get some sleep.

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