Thursday, June 3, 2010

Some good reading I did this week

Well I've been working on Max as always but this post is regarding what I did read and hope to read these days.

පිටස්තරයා-2 has posted this link to the beautiful, bitter and very truthful article "us vs them"
Anyone stopping by this blog, I suggest you visit this link and read it. I suggest because if you haven't already seen this truth or if you haven't questioned about this problem in society it is quite the time you ask it from yourself and find the answer.

I've found lots of unexpected books last month and this month too. Found J.R.R. Tolkien's "The Hobbit or There and Back Again" in the public library ( PUBLIC LIBRARY!!) some times back and Dan Brown's "Angels and Demons" from the same place last week. Now reading J.R.R. Tolkien's "Lord of the Rings - Fellowship of The Ring" for the 5th or so time.

From the British Council I was able to dig up two more books on the same topic. One of the books of the "History of Middle Earth" series and another about Tolkien and LOTR.The third one I borrowed is Excalibur, I'm sure you all know that this is King Arthur's Sword and so the book is around the same legend.(At least that is what the review on the cover says.I haven't started to read it yet.)

If any of you've read the whole history of Middle Earth can anyone tell me what the Dark Lord has to do with Mirkwood and what happened there? I just saw in Fellowship of The Ring and started wondering which part of history I've missed. I've a guess that this is something to do with The Silmarillion, which I haven't read or found yet.

So I've got lots of books to read next week,(when considering the British council,next month) and lots of work to do with Max too. Plus I'm hoping to finish our course end project which we've paused due to busyness of each of the members of our group.

I've finished making the shape of the logo,finally! and well started on texturing. This I will put when the whole thing is finished.

My father says that he'll buy the rest of my new computer tomorrow. I always expect the unexpected. You know parents and politicians have some common qualities regarding expensive stuff.(If you know what I mean)
Well see you around


  1. Thanx for your appreciation of my article :)

    Though a reader of Tolkien myself, my knowledge in history of middle earth runs short of answering your question. :)

    Keep up your good work!

  2. :D

    This part of the story must be in The Silmarillion, I'm sure.I forwarded the question to my friend,the Silmarillion expert. lol!

    thanks again