Sunday, July 18, 2010

Bored to death :-/

pair of shoes


Been a bit busy these days ,with getting ready all the paperwork for university and all that. But got some time to finish the pair of shoes (I'm not very sure whether it is all finished though. The shadows looks not bad from far but if you take a closer look they aren't anywhere near impressive)

First day at university was not bad eh. But felt like a grade 1 student all over again. I mean everyone was nervous and hardly anyone spoke more than a few words or even smiled. Had that English placement test. Same old story with the English exam really.( 2 hours test, wrote in 1/2 an hour and slept the rest ) Just counting days until the academics start.
And yeah another good news, we are lucky enough to have 2 SLUGS during our course time!
:D Which is quite a rare chance.

Logo animation is coming to an end. Just clearing up small problems and mistakes.

Character rigging is going well. Boned the whole character and now creating IK chains.

Cleaned up the room and got rid of half the junk. But well I've kept the other half
:D You can't call all of it junk really. When you have lots of hobbies and interests you are bound to have lots of collections!

Found two antique Russian Zenit Cameras from around 1980 with all the lenses and a flasher. I know one is from 1980 because it has the logo of 1980 Moscow Summer Olympics on it.
Have to get them cleaned and working so I can learn some proper photography.
My dad is not going to like this though. Camera reels prices are quite high.

I'm trying to model my little sister's head using the reference photographs I took with 3Ds Max.I can tell you she liked the idea at the beginning and now she isn't liking it one little bit. All due to my modelling skills and all that. Yet I hope when I add some hair with Hair and Fur modifier and attached the ears it would look better than this.


I've to adjust the eye color too.

Hope you guys are doing well.

Apart from having both my FB account and the e-mail account connected to it being hacked( or what ever the term you use for that) ,
And all of the FB knowing my passwords (those who don't know me might think I'm loony but those who know knows what they means) I'm doing extremely well.


  1. your graphics are cool.btw did you find out who hacked your accounts?

  2. Thanks poppy!
    Nope I've got absolutely no idea who hacked into it. I've no foes really. Must be an unknown enemy, who I'd very much like to make my friend :D

    My friends are making long lists of suspects though :P

  3. hehe.well...My bro's a good hacker of the bests in SL(mmm...I think he's the best.hehe).But he don't use it for foul purposes.He used to create security systems for banks.Think he wanted to make me his apprentice,lol.but IT's all greek to he gave up :P

  4. Aw it must be great to have a brother! I've only got two sisters. Anything regarding computer is Martian to them lol!

    Security stuff are Greek to me too. But well I think I'll be learning them pretty soon coz I'm not going to let the same mistake happen twice! :D

  5. hi sasha.. :) graphics are nice.. am also interesting in Graphics.. keep it up..

  6. @D-Note
    Thanks! Learning and doing these stuff is real fun!

    @ .me. / Sisca

    My sister actually own the real pair!! With different colors though. Unfortunately they are too large for me :'(

  7. *sigh* if only I had read this earlier///

  8. @Rasika666

    You mean the uni part right?