Thursday, August 26, 2010

:D got 2 minutes free!!

At last got two minutes free to write a blog post!

Didn't get much time to model many things but managed to do a bit here and there whenever I got to sit down to the computer!

Not going to go for all the pictures specifically but well you can see all of them here

Made a new sword, and an ear.

And did a bit of photography, if you are kind enough to call that that

Its lot busy here. With English Intensive course and getting to know the new environment.
But have to tell you our intensive group is simply AWESOME!
Tomorrow is the last day of the intensive course and looking forward to see all the classic dramas we practiced in the class room, on stage!
(This includes drama from our class , the script of which changed more than 10 times altogether within less than 4 or 5 days,) Thats what happens when there are too many cooks! :D lol!

Well will make something when I get time and update with info about it( when I get time again :D )

Almost forgot !
Oh what did I forgot and just remembered?? :O
oh okay
It'll come back later into my mind.

Ahhh Dragonese! I drew a dragon! Any good names around there??
Unfortunately(or fortunately) I can't post any picture here.
Well I'll try to get a copy when its printed ( yeah when and if, have to count both of them)

Well 1.30 am! Gotta wake up tomorrow!
So bye for now
See you around!