Sunday, September 26, 2010

Small animation in the middle of all the work!

Yeah! I managed to make a tiny animation in the middle of all the work!
Okay its not that good. I mean I didn't have any story board or any idea or a grand objective for the animation.

Modeled this light bulb to show a friend how to use the lathe tool and assigned materials to it.
Then adjusted some parts as Asimov from Max-realms suggested and switched on the light!
:D  Aad gave me the sound track from

Okay there are major problems here. The filament must glow since its what produces light and there must be a holder and a wire to supply electricity.
Well any feedback for my poor modeling and animation are always welcome. Please be free to comment and more importantly critique. Simply say what you think. :-)

But this is not the reason I wanted to write the blog note for. It was to be about our new TV remote control.
It looks like the camera batteries are low so I've to wait till the next post to write the classic story of our TV remote.

Anyway gotta go
Hope you enjoyed the animation


  1. Coz its supposed to be artistic :P

    Nah men it was some 5-second modeling for a friend, with lack of time and all thought of animating the same deformed bulb