Sunday, October 24, 2010

Party Time!

Yaayyy! Its the mid semester break! :D lots of free time to spend with Max and PS
Here is what I did for the past two days.

light bulb

This is from the tutorial
Actually it(the light bulb) should be much better than this if I made it according to the tutorial but as usual I'm too lazy to adjust render options or material options thus the poor materials and render.

Thats a small animation of a flag.

And guess what!? I made a web layout! yeah!! I just need to make the rest of the pages and slice them and get them done in dream viewer or some other software since my knowledge of HTML is very low and I don't have any idea about PHP.
Lay out will be out when the site is out. මොකද කියනවනේ "නිතර දකින කුකුළාගේ කරමලෙත් සුවෙනවලු" කියල.I just hope free site of mine can hold all those images in the layout.

Well thats it for now.

Expect more animations and models next week!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

The Remote

Okay this is really really late in the night

But well how can I not write when I've already started to write.
This is about the new remote control my dad has bought for our DVD player because the old one is not working( in a state where the best electrical engineer of the world cannot repair)
And the most important thing about this remote is that it doesn't have the usual commands and command buttons. Due to the fact that this remote is manufactured out of our solar system it needs another manual of its own to operate. Or this may be due to the circuit under the buttons being displaced. Either way the photo above shows the remote and its guide. The author of the guide is my older sister :-)

Okay ALRIGHT! I'm off
have to submit a report before 8 O clock
:-) Hope you guys are doing well