Saturday, January 1, 2011

Rejected works of last year

Rejected work from last year

The fist is the dragon design for the shirt ( not the one that was printed) of which no feed back came from those who ordered

The latter is from the Christmas card project which was altogether cancelled due to low funds. Designed it while I was having exams and all, so feel a bit sad about it..

But the best thing about this year is I got one of my edits printed in a shirt! My first ever!
And I met 3 of my old pals from pre-school! One I met for real, the other two only virtually via internet. Can you believe meeting your best friend from pre school after 15 years and becoming very good friends again!

And I met  some of the animator friends I met through FB for real! Thank you OST for organizing that seminar!
And yeah had an awesome inter combinations cricket match, the poster of which I designed! yay!!

Less wasting of time, more studies, and more animations next year!

Hope you guys are doing as well as I am, or much better!

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