Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Grounded! :-/

Oh yeah! I'll be grounded for the whole day tomorrow unless I clean up my room today.
Too bad I have a cricket match to play tomorrow as well and I'll miss that if I can't tidy this mess up.
Funny enough I couldn't get myself away from the keyboard so am writing this post.
Right now I'm going through my junk collection, can't believe I have these stuff  with me.

An empty roll of plaster
empty roll of cello tape
a broken pencil sharpener
a broken stapler machine
a capacitor from a ceiling fan
A roll of broken - badminton - guts - from a badminton racket
Broken pieces of a lamp
4 motors
3 watches that aren't working
one broken alarm clock
few yards of wire
some parts from battery holders
curtain hooks
lots of pieces of magnets
2 blades
paper clips and staplers
unidentified metal pieces
hair clips
4 paper binders
a plastic stick from a lollipop
broken pieces of a car
A long metal stick
A headless bishop
A good for nothing eraser
Aluminium( I think it is) foil from inside of a capacitor
A piece of candle without a thread in it
A small round glass from a table clock
a small battery
some nuts
an audio input jack
a small light bulb with holder
a rubber band
an old toothbrush
a broken piece from a hairbrush

The funniest thing is I'm packing all of them into another box and not throwing a single item away!
ha haa
yeah right I'm mad

Will post the history of environment posts later, as I get time
And water posts too.

Have a nice day!

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