Saturday, February 12, 2011

History of Environment Science _ 1968

Biosphere and "The Population Bomb"

Biosphere Intergovernmental Conference for Rational Use and Conservation of Biosphere (UNESCO) was held in Paris, France. A document regarding this meeting was published by UNESCO by the name "Use and conservation of the biosphere: proceedings" in 1970.The word biosphere was introduced to the international. Biosphere is the collection of all ecosystem on earth. Discussions on concept of ecologically sustainable development took place in this meeting.

Paul Ehrlich and Anne Ehrlich(she was not credited) published  "Population Bomb" which described the connection between human population, resource exploitation and the environment. It was a best seller. How ever the book was criticized based on various reasons by various people. The book suggested that a population bomb basically needed three things, a rapid change, a limit and a delay of understanding/ identifying the limit.



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