Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Some work I've done lately

This I did just for fun when one of my friends asked me to make a background for a planet he created. Apparently this one is too crowded and too colorful. Its all Photoshop Brushes with different colours. I'm sure you can recognize the horse head nebula. The whole composition do not have any astronomical value.

Created this car rim for my Mercedes Benz SL 450. The design is not originally for Benz but I inserted the Benz logo in the middle. Only the front is modeled so far. Have to model the sides and the back with all the nuts and bolts. I'm having trouble in having lesser and lesser free time to model and keeping the poly flow right. So it will take more time for the final result to come out.

Well, this is a 2 photo panorama. My camera phone do not have the panorama feature so I had to take 2 photos and combine them in Adobe Photoshop CS 2 ( Oh yeah I haven't got the new version yet, but well this one is quite sufficient for all the work I want from it). Matched the colors and levels and combined the two photos manually.

This one is still under construction. Textures are on the way =D

Well as for this the models are really old. Made them last November ( as I remember). But this brilliant render was done by D H, who always keep urging me to do better renders. Found this image while I was cleaning my computer. They are supposed to be Christmas baubles but well they have a certain look in this render which I really like. So I posted. For most they look like hand grenades. lol
All the same I love the reflections made by the HDRI

Hope you enjoyed!

PS : Well, to announce officially now I'm an Oarswoman. Of course I've been one since last September or so, but well  now only I've had my first race. For me you gotta feel like an oarswoman to be an oarswoman.
So we beat Mora (UoM) Double scull at the junior regatta and now I'm officially an oarswoman. hehe


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