Saturday, April 2, 2011

Floral Friday (Saturday for me)

These are some of the flowers in my corner of the globe, right inside the university at the heart of Colombo. Not exactly wild.There are absolutely beautiful flowers if you look in the right places. There are these huge trees filled with flowers that I think of taking photographs while I'm doing my fitness rounds around the ground. But every time practices finishes around 7 pm , it is so dark, I never get to photograph anything other than lights of the vehicles in the nearby busy streets. 

The first photo shows a flower commonly mistaken fo"sal" or Shorea robusta under which it is said that Lord Buddha passed away. The actual name of the tree is Couroupita guianesis and flowers hang strait to the trunk of the tree by stalks. This tree is at the entrance to the Science Faculty from the College House end.

The following two photos are not exactly from trees/plants that we grow for flowers but rather a plant that is grown due to the beauty of the shape of its leaves. I was amazed to see flowers on them. I know most of the plants that we grow for the beauty of their leaves do bear flowers, but well I've never seen any flowers on this kind of plant before.

Sorry about the quality of the photos I've only taken them with the camera in my phone. I do have a fairly good digital camera but I don't feel like taking it anywhere since half the photos I take from it are out of focus for some reason and I find absolutely no time to learn its secrets plus every time I want it batteries are low in charge. So I prefer my little cam in the phone.
May be next semester when we have Photography Enhancement Course I'll learn something about photography.
Since it is regarding the raw beauty of nature I didn't color correct or adjust levels of the photos, however much I love to take them through the journey inside Photoshop.

Hope you enjoyed.


  1. where the heck are you taking photography enhancing courses? :S

  2. Why the heck do you have to read it always wrong ? =P
    Well even if it meant the other way round :P read the sentence after.

    It is a Photography Course which comes under the Enhancement Courses category.We have to do 4 credits of EC to get the degree at uni and I've already got my 4 but am doing Photography just for fun.
    And they teach photography at uni!