Sunday, April 17, 2011

To wake up early...

One thing I never have enjoyed in my life is waking up early. I just need one more hour, 5 more minutes, just another 15 seconds of sleep whenever I wake up in the morning. But lately I've woken up early in the morning so many days for early morning practices I keep forgetting constantly to adjust the alarm clock on the days that I don't have practices, and still keep waking at 4 am.However hard the sessions are, however tired I get, these magnificent sights early in the morning are enough to keep you waking at 4 am and keep you going. Breathtaking sights,aren't they?!

Emailing: DSC00019.JPG, DSC00022.JPG, DSC00021.JPG
First photo by  morajera , latter two are my captures.

Beach again


Enjoy! Cheers!!

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