Wednesday, June 29, 2011

A quick recipe from whats left in fridge

This is a quick recipe from whats usually in your fridge kitchen and perhaps the garden.

Eggs -As many as you like. If you eat one egg at a meal take one. I usually eat 2 or 3 so I took 2 eggs
Spinach leaves -If medium sized take about 8
Tomato - A medium sized one 
Powdered Pepper
Chili powder  
Coconut oil

1) Wash tomato and the spinach leaves with salt water
2) cut tomato into small pieces
3) take about 6 leaves of spinach and cut into medium sized pieces
4) take the rest of the spinach leaves and carefully cut into narrow stripes
5) Put about 3 times coconut oil you usually put to make a fried egg and heat it
6) Add the medium sized spinach leaves and almost all of the tomato pieces, leave some for later use.
7) Add enough salt, pepper powder and chili powder
8)When the tomato pieces have made a sauce like mixture crack the eggs and add them.
9) cook until the egg is set
10) Transfer to your plate
11) Take the uncooked spinach and tomato,mix with some salt and keep from a side of the egg mixture
12) Time to taste! (You can either eat it alone or with rice as we usually do)



  1. :O TWO EGGS PER ONE FRIKKING MEAL?? :O :O im forbidden to have more than one PER DAY!!!!!

    well, this explains why u r such a giant and Im sooo skinny.

  2. Also, no offense meant, but that looks highly unappealing. I make a better scrambled eggs than that mess. :P .. well looks better anyway.

  3. :D Yeah that clearly explains why I'm a giant and you are skinny :P

    Well it should look unappealing! For gods sake it has got cooked and uncooked SPINACH in it! :D
    Well it didn't taste bad, and its got more nutrients that a normal scrambled egg as well.