Thursday, September 1, 2011

Plans for future

Errr I thought maybe it was better to start studying with a blog post. But the internet connection seems to be like a tube light going on and off every 30 seconds. So I'm not sure whether this post will be saved or not so I'm going to save it as a document in the computer as a safety measure.

You might have noticed that I've started a few series of articles on some study matters earlier but was unable to finish them. Well basically I wrote them so I can remember them better for my exam. But I feel it's not right to start a series and stop it as soon as I finish the exam.

So I'd be writing the " History of Environment" , "Fishes" and "Protein Structure" series during the vacation which is 9th of September on wards.Well again its for a reason. I've only managed to get a D+ for Environment science which us a 3 credit course, so it's a repeat for me and I'll need to study it during next semester as well. Fishes series because I really like that lecture series. I mean it is the only lecture series from zoology that I enjoyed during the lecture taking notes. And protein structure is one of the most awesome things everyone comes across but you always wish that it would be cool to know something more. :-)

And the rest of the plans for vacation are;
1) Get my Benz out of the garage, finish the rest of the body.
2) Finish my final project of the animation course
3) Finish the Sopwith Pup fuselage and blast it off the sky :D
4) Practice for Nationals
5) Learn Driving
6) Go for swimming practices
7) Get my co ordinations in badminton back on track
8) Find a part time job so I have plenty of money to photocopy notes and papers next semester
9) Go on a TRIP!
10) Go out with friends and watch a film
11) Write some blog posts in Sinhala
12) Learn to rig
13) Learn to animate a rig
14) Learn to finish UVW mapping
15) Learn PHP, flash and Dream Viewer

errr I think I'd better stop the list there or I'm sure it'll go on and on. But I do really badly need a part time job for the next month, one that does not clash with my err rowing ,badminton and swimming practices. sigh! Hopefully I'll get most of the stuff on the list done.

Before that I've still got one more paper to finish!
So bye for now. Gotta get back to studies.


  1. Thatz one hell of a list....guess vacation isn't gonna b a vacation anymre :D :D anyway gd luck 4 da lst paper..