Sunday, September 4, 2011

Purpura - ප'ප්‍යුරා

A beautiful flower I found on a land by a paddy field when we went to see the construction works of our house. It is a really beautiful flower with a very pleasing soft leafy fragrance. Same kind of smell comes when its leaves are crushed, but this time a bit stronger one. I remember this flower and it's sweet smell since I was very little. It is the same perfume I imagined that may have come from Athelas or Kingsfoil in Lord of The Rings. If anyone of you know the name of this plant I'd really like to know it!

This picture was taken by my little sister. The following ones were taken by me. 

When I came home the flowers were all withered, and I put them in the little empty coffee bottle I keep as a vase on my table. By morning they were all alive and standing strait and proud :-)


  1. First one is my wallpaper already :P

  2. Awesome photos...!
    but u've just plucked the flowers :' :' :'
    if were u i would've left them there u know :)