Saturday, April 7, 2012

Blogging after ages!

A whole month of exams! and two month of preparing for exams has taken all of my blogging and rowing time away. And finally the 12 papers( 9 this semester and 3 repeats) and 6 practical exams are over! One thing I'm sure about exams, I will never put a medical if I can't do an exam, of course none of my repeats weren't due to medicals, they were thanks to my bad results. I say that because half the people who put medicals did not write the relevant exams as you have to study too many subjects and because too many exams are there in side one month, the exams get so crammed you have 2 or 3 papers in a row. Which is no good for one's health at all!

Luckily for me swimming was always there to take the stress away.

Since the next up on the schedule is New Year holidays + semester end holidays I thought I'd start rowing strait away. So exams finished on 3rd and I started physical training on 3rd itself. And believe me if you ever want to stop a sport for educational purposes and plan to start again after the exams are out of the way, never ever stop doing it altogether! At least do physical training once a week, go to gym once a week or go swimming once a week. Even then recovering to your former form is pretty hard.

At the moment I'm not even sure I can get to my earlier fitness level. So I decided to do 2 weeks of physical training before I see the boats. So far for the week I've done 2 days of practice.

Day one
6 rounds ( That took an eternity to finish!)
3 circuits
2 suicides
(That is less than what the rest of the whole team did!)

Day two
6 rounds in 24 minutes

3 sets
5 laps (30 m) of swimming
( Still I'm far behind the rest of the team :(( )

If only I can complete 10 rounds without stopping :(

Anyway I've got one more week to catch up :D
This time the to do list is gonna be really long but with less time to complete since I couldn't finish half the things in the last list even!
Hope to write a post on our Fauna of Sri Lanka field trip as I get time!

Have a Happy Sinhala Tamil New Year !!

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