Friday, August 3, 2012

Strike! Strike!! Strike!!!

First non-academic strike now academic strike. More than one and half month I think. I have no idea when it all started I was too busy with one sport or another, since it is Inter University Games season as well. Now that Inter University Regatta and Athletics meet and most of the other games my friends take part are over ( except for Tennis, Karate and Table Tennis ) I have nothing to do but waste time at home watching films and sleeping. And worst thing is it is too warm to drag my lazy body outta the house to go have a swim in the evening.

So I've been doing some cooking and sewing lately. HA! You didn't see that coming did ya? Sewing I mean. Yeap, I've cut some of my old collared T-shirts and altered them to skinny tops so I can wear them without sweating to death. Other than saving my life its good recycling too.

And back to strike, that is how I got some free time and mood to write on the blog. I mean I usually get in mood to blog when I'm about to have an exam or right after exam. Strike is killing us all slowly. I'm getting fed up of higher education right now, have been wishing that I've gone for a private degree and a job after A/Ls than government university degree. Then again who on earth thought that University of Colombo of all the universities in Sri Lanka would join with the stupid strike.

My opinion its no use striking. Reason noble, outcome terrible. Take the education levels of MPs and all the politicians in SL. Few may be medical doctors or have doctorates. But they are not working related to their relevant fields. And the rest only understands that more they can cheat the public more time they can stay in their seat. What do they know about higher education? They only see it as a waste of money, SL being a country with free university education in state universities. With that state of a mind they are probably thinking " Let them strike, who on earth gives a shit, they are already wasting money, they'll stop it when they get fed up".

For a government that mixed up university intake in 2008 A/L batch so there are too many students in the universities in that batch and messed up this year's university intake Z- score TWICE! ( yeah you heard it right bloody TWICE!) pretty much whats expected. Come on! If they had any idea , single frigging idea, what higher education is like they wouldn't let this problem drag this long. For us its payment without education. Education is free alright, thanks to Dr. C. W. W. Kannangara, father of free education. But other expenses! Food, boarding fees if you are doing sports. And most importantly the time spent being a dependent.

Aanyway academics strikes, we are at home, government so far has been looking on like a blind fool.

So for good or for bad I'm back to designing and animations. :) HA! a silver lining at last!!
*Anyone need any designs or animations done? :D

And been reading some blogs too. Will put a list of interesting blog posts I've read recently some other time.

Until then have a nice time! Cheers!!

Note : * artists no work for free :P :P


  1. Actually I think it's not such 'stupid' strike as u say :) u need do dig in to this problem bit more Shenya. The academics got some good points in their demands(few of them) to the government which affects the future of Education in Sri Lanka and also the government seems to be making the most of this situation to cover up their faults.

    But I hve to agree with u coz eventully ths situation has come to a level which makes us believe that ths is realy a stupid strike and with ths waste of time and all the unvrsity studnts are fed up.

    Thnks to the both parties we hve become ones who caught up in this mess. Actually I've also been wishing tht I've gone for a private degree aftr ALs than a state unvsty degree.

    Anyway enjoy the free time and cheers!

    1. Hehe all we can do is wait and see.
      You too have fun! Cheers!!

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