Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Guess what!?

Guess what I've been doing for the past 3 month!?
Well I can't exactly say I've been doing nothing... But hey I haven't been doing my ordinary routine.
You would be amazed to know my used-to-be-usual-routine really. Its a pretty crammed timetable. I'll tell you the time and work list of Monday and you can guess the rest of the week.

4 am - wake up
4.30 am - keep waking up
4.45 am - start making tea and cooking breakfast + lunch (just enough for me)
5.00 am - get ready all the rowing kit and get dressed
5.20 am - leaving home and too much noise wakes up mom
5.30 am - still leaving home...convincing mom that it is not going to rain today and sun is already up and there is plenty of light and of course I won't drown in Beira lake because they have life guards there.
5.35 am - finally on bus and catching up some sleep and already traffic in Pettah
5.45 am - still near Pettah railway station and starting to panic
5.57 am - yes! off the bus at last..walking... walking... walking...
5.59 am - a little bit more...running
6.05 am - no use running already late
6.10 am - At the rowing club. Everyone else is dressed and getting warmed up.
6.15 am - dressed warmed up and running to the pier just in time to join the rest.
until 7.30 am - row row row and steal a bite of breakfast between crew changes
7.35 am - remembering that I have a lecture at 8 am
somewhere between 7.35 to 7.40 am - asked to row another 2 km
7.40 am - 1 km done and at 1 km mark. realizing that I'm never gonna get to the lecture. Suddenly its a course down!
7.45 am - off the boat strait to changing room, get into normal cloths, run to bus... no time to take a wash.
7.50 am - on bus eating whats left of the breakfast
7.55 am - stuck in traffic sweating and praying the bus to move
8.05 am - Townhall , bus stopped and collecting more people.. IS THIS BUS EVER GONNA MOVE FROM THIS HALT!!?
8.15 am - at uni, running to CLT in all fours and finally in the 1 hour lecture, 15 minutes late. Sweating and stumbling with everything in bag and takes a few minutes to get hold of a pen and paper to write down the notes..
until 10 am - lectures
10 - 11 am - free lecture hour. Running to the gym to have a wash
10.55 am - running back to CLT from gym for the next lecture
11.30 am - stomach starts to growl halfway through the lecture
12 noon - Finally LUNCH!
1 pm - 4 pm - Practicals. I don't even remember rowing,until back starts to hurt by sitting on a stool for too long..
3.30 pm - stomach growling again
4.15 pm - FINALLY! practical over. Egg rotti and parippu curry + whatever the leftovers of lunch time fish curry
4.30 pm - feel like playing a bit of basketball
5.00 pm - too sweaty from basketball. going to have a swim with friends
5-6 pm - swimming
6-6.30 - too hungry to stand.. Eating again
7.00 pm - finally bussing home
7.45 pm - Home
7.45 pm - 8.15 pm - pass out on bed
8.15 pm - wake up have a wash and eat
8.30 pm - watch a film or half a film or 1/4th of a film.. too sleepy
10.00 pm - finishing off any lab reports left to submit. Googling. FBying. Checking mail
11.00 pm - Suddenly study mood :O  Studying until 12 midnight
12.00 pm - remembers have to send feedback to coach. Starting to write the e mail..too sleepy... turn off the computer and go to bed
12.05 pm - Put on the mosquito net. aet the alarm.... Asleep..............zzzzzzzz
The ALARM! It is 6 am already!! Fortunately no morning practices on Tuesday!!

Its kind of peaceful these days
No rowing,since I stopped it altogether
No university, since academic staff is on strike

So its just films until I feel like sleeping and sleeping until I feel like waking up and playing badminton about twice a week and watching TV, cooking sweets rest of the time.

Kind of too peaceful for me. But hey as soon as the strike is over ( god knows when! ) they will probably be teaching without holidays so they don't have to take double intakes at one time. So whats the harm celebrating peace while it lasts.
Happy peaceful another month to all Sri Lankan state university students out there and happy busy week for the rest of you who are at work!