Friday, October 12, 2012

Books Cooking and Such Things

Well everyone else has already posted about the book fair and reading during the literature month (They actually have a month for literature, can you believe it!). I am kind of having trouble choosing topics to write on since study related things are minimum and I'm not in any exam stress right now. So I thought I'd write about the books I got from the book fair this year and the last.

Last year I was very much broke I only managed to spend around 300 Rupees on books. Bought two second hand story books and an old magazine. Well I'm glad to say most of that money I've saved from my extra pocket money for extra food because I'm hungry all the time, unlike many.

I bought Biggles in France by Capt. W. E. Jones for Rs 150 because I'd buy any and all Biggles books if I had enough money any day! For those of you don't know Biggles have been my all time hero, and W.E. Jones made me look for Biggles books in the public library covered with cobwebs and love fighter air crafts forever. The other book The Square Circle by Daniel Carney I bought for Rs 100 just because that was a good bargain and I was in mood to read a book I actually own. The magazine was about cars, had a nice beautiful car with blueprints on it that I wanted to model one of these days. A friend of mine borrowed the book and I think its still with him. I haven't actually gotten into any car modeling lately so that project I couldn't start.

And This year I managed to save 300 Rupees too but well prices were quite high so I had to let someone who actually had money to buy me books. So they are kind of presents of my choice :D

1) සැබෑ මිනිසෙකුගේ කතාවක් written by බොරිස් පලෙවොයි and translated by දැදිගම වී රුද්‍රිගු

YES! I actually bought my favorite book! And it was in better print with better type settings. Totally worth it!


2) The Chocolate and Coffee Bible by Atkinson,Banks,France and McFadden

So far I managed to make Chocolate Pretzels from the recipe from this. Well I couldn't really make them Pretzel shaped because I forgot to double the number of eggs with the rest of the ingredients but I managed to make biscuit like things that tasted good. :D Really they must have tasted good, made around 100 of them and I only managed to save one packet(10 pcs) and that is because I've hidden it!

Apart from the book I did make some new things. Made butter cookies with this nice recipe I found on internet and simple pancakes from here. Unfortunately I can't seemed to find the cookie recipe link, but I'll post the recipe sometimes when I'm in the mood to blog again. They are quite simple recipes and don't need any fancy cooking ingredients or procedures. Really you should try them too. Only problem is my dad gets mad at me as I finish margarine in the fridge every time I try out a new recipe. 

Well that's it for today. Have an awesome time all of you!

Oh and the strike is over and universities are supposed to start next week. That is one good thing to look forward to. And I started a photo blog of sorts. Plan is to post photos everyday but I do keep forgetting and I do stay home a lot without stepping out of it for even once a day these days. You can only take photos in your room so many times. hehe Anyone interested in having a look just drop by!

Cheers again!!