Sunday, December 16, 2012


Process of normal changes in body functions that occur after sexual maturity and continue until death.

Maximum Life Span : Maximum number of years a species can live. eg: Human 110-115 years
Life expectancy : Average length of time a member of a population can expect to live. eg: Human ~75 years

Problems of Ageing population.

Caused by : * improved health care. * Nutrition

  •  Need to provide support. 
  •  More chronic illnesses, more expensive medical care.
  •  Have to provide a dignified life.

Age related changes.  

Physical : Height , Weight, Skin
Physiological : Immunity, Mobility, Body Composition, Sensory,Gastrointestinal and other organ system changes.
Psychological : Appetite, Stress, Depression, Alcoholism, Alzheimer's

Cellular Level Changes of Ageing.

  •  Fewer doubling of cells and finally stops.
  •  Heterogeneity of cells in size shape and meiotic ability.
  •  Homeostasis mechanisms related with immunity and cell replication get less effective.
  •  Progressing failure of cell DNA repairing.
  •  Abnormalities in mitochondria.
  •  Decreased enzyme functions.

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