Thursday, September 5, 2013

Field Trip Continued...

My time table for uni in this semester is almost empty except for a few lectures scattered here and there. Yet whether I get busy or not is quite unpredictable as the Service Learning Project takes a lot of time off the week, unnoticed. So about the field trip,I couldn't finish all about it last time. And here I am trying to make a lecture free day useful :-)

Unfortunately now I can't remember half the things we did. I'll tell you the other half anyway. 

So we went to that art gallery and then had lunch. Then we went to see the jungle beach in Rumassala Mountain and the Peace Pagoda there. The view from the jungle beach was magnificent. We took some photos there ( Of course we should be taking photos! It was a photography field trip after all!!) I can't remember taking that many photos myself. Sea is a place I love and enjoy. At the moment that I love and enjoy I prefer to indulge in the moment. 

We had to leave this place in a hurry. A storm was brewing nearby even as we arrived and it started to rain as soon as we reached the Peace Pagoda. It was time to pack up all the gear and head back home. We stopped at beach near the Kaluthara Pagoda. It was a great experience in taking long exposure shots of the lighter pagoda, sea and the setting sun. It was too cloudy to capture the whole yellow round ball of fire sinking into the sea, yet some of us with all those DSLRs managed to capture few clouds that were painted by its rays. I did manage to take some pics, even though compacts tend to go haywire when lights are low. Tweaked some settings that could be tweaked and took these photos. 

Couldn't resist taking one of these as a souvenir. They are designed well aren't they? 
By the time the photo shoot at the gallery was finished, we all were hungry!

At Peace Pagoda 
Kaluthara Pagoda

Rainbow right after rain

Sun setting behind the clouds

Sea :D

Sun going down and lights coming up 

When lights are low we can do a thing or two with compact cameras too, even though its hard to edit settings! :-)

Hope you enjoyed the post and enjoy Galle even more than I did if you ever get to go there!


PS : Second field trip of the society is to Dehiwala Zoological Gardens. If any uni students out there didn't hear about it well we'll be going on this Saturday(7th September) and you are welcome!


  1. Nice Captures. I think I'm loving Photography.

    1. Thank you. It is an interesting field to learn about regardless of the area you study. After all we all love to have our memories captured!