Saturday, November 2, 2013

After some time...

Well as the topic says it has been some time since the last post. I wasn't in much mood to switch on the computer leave alone write a post. Imagine that! Our Service Learning Project makes us travel around doing workshops. So far all visits have been one day, which makes all the work concentrated to less than 12 to 6 hours and even more tiring. Anyway it is a good learning exercise and a good cause so I do enjoy quite a lot. And of course our project group is so much fun to hang out with, we practically played an imaginary card game just the other day!

And there were the CGU workshops and Wildlife lectures and trip. Oh yeah people I went on a 4 days, 3 nights field trip! (which I will write about later, because officially I have to write a journal for it and have to omit some data and their sources for ethical reasons. Which means it will take a while to sit down and write and then again proofread )

Anyhow I missed the chance of writing posts. 
But don't worry, exams are coming up. Time to get a bit stressed and write more.

Found some interesting websites. 

Found this web design tutorial series at Tuts+ which would be really useful for an amature web designer.

And this new website, called Colomboard, a lot like a local version of Pinterest.

Some awesome colours and designs on Venessa Jackman blog.

Whats there to not like? Maybe the material. Not so good for a tropic country like our. Still!!

Ok I'm not a big fan of long skirts. But this outfit looks classy

Looks cozy isn't it?
 I love the print in this one. 

And this. Colours too!

Both at

I don't know why it took two days to write this one. Even when the content was not really mine and sharing other people's content with links to their respective posts. Perhaps I've been off writing freehand too long and out of practice.
Time to brush it up!

See you soon.