Thursday, March 13, 2014

I suppose its the first post for the year - hopefully not the last

I promised myself to write posts when I am stressed from exams, as usual. But the problem with this semester's exams was they were not stressful! Okay I admit Environmental physics was a handful but rest were quite enjoyable. Yup you heard me right I called an EXAM enjoyable. This lead to no stress, so no blog posts either.


So I submitted my last work for university today. Field trip journal for Conservation Biology and Wildlife Management course. We had two field trips for this one. 5 days 3 nights trip to Wasgamuwa and Maaduru Oya National Parks and 2 days one night trip to Sinharaja. The first one we observed quite a number of animals and birds but the latter was mostly trees and lot of tree nymphs.

I was planing to go Sri Pada for the 2nd time but couldn't go.

Oh and we had FOS bloggers get together. As usual I wanted to go but I really am not so good with the whole concept of get together so I wanted to avoid too. But at the end I went. It was quite nice. I got this souvenir as I was leaving uni and so the students blog. It was nice to be recognized but bit awkward for being appreciated for things I did not really do. I mean I wrote some posts time to tome, 3 posts to be precise. I wanted to help with the starting off. But then I got so busy with one thing or another I forgot all about it time to time.

It is not that I value blogging or any other clubs in university less. I love writing when I feel like writing. When I feel like writing and if I start I just cannot stop it. It is just that I have so many things in my mind I loose track of one thing or other. For an instant when the inter-university games season arrives I even forget about studies. Then there is designing to think about. I have been off 3Ds max so long I don't even remember how to make a decent material. Yup you heard me right, just the other day I wanted to make kaleidoscope with mirrors, in 3Ds of course. I couldn't remember how to make a mirror material for scan line! ( an the blog's name is 3Dsmaxcreations ha!) So bottom line is I loose track and things clash plus I'm not so comfortable with this whole get together concept as I said before. So my apologies.
I have a few topics in my mind to blog about. But not enough background readings yet.

So things so far this year are;

Lots more people are going to work this year.

Uni is deserted, even with 4 year generals and 4 year specials still there.

I finished my degree but I'm still going uni like 3 days per week. Still am not working.

This March is really warm, if you didn't drink a bottle of water every 10 minutes you'll end up like a dried Maldive fish.

Ah we had a batch get together, which was kind of fun. Met all the friends who went off for internship.

If I haven't said already I've got a cactus in a pot on the window sill. ( Yes I'm gardening again and no I'm not planing to kill it ) I think I've found the plant that matches me because I do forget to water plants all the time and this one just flourishes even with less care. Apparently cacti doesn't fare well with lots of watering everyday!

The last to-do list still stands( from 2012 I think). I haven't done much from it. So it will be my to-do list for this year too.

Apparently I've been blogging for 4 years, not that I have written much for last two. Cheers to me for not stopping. ( I really do need to find a topic to write on other than this ranting)

I won't promise I'd write soon. But I hope I'd write or I'll probably die from boredom.

Cheers to you all busy bees!
Have a nice day! Remember to drink a lot of water!!