Thursday, November 20, 2014

Dream Big but Carpe diem!

They say you have to dream. It does not stop there, you have to dream big. They say that's the way to have a happy life. I don't know you but for me to dream, big or small, I need inspiration,even to get my head focused on work. Most of the artists I know get their inspiration from music. I know for a fact that bright ideas, mostly with a pinch of weirdness, don't grow gradually. They just appear out of the blue when you have the right mindset and environment.  

Well, I think we all are dreamers, even though most of us fall in with the rat race of the society. Once upon a time we all had free minds with no borders or rules. How many of us dreamed of being astronauts, pilots, firemen, gardeners,  mechanics, artists,  scientists, doctors, engineers, etc. without the guidance of our parents? Even if you didn't dream that big I am sure you've had small dreams like hitting that annoying kid who always keep picking on you just to look better. But somewhere down the line we have drawn ourselves into the frames defined by the society and are afraid to loosen the mad horse called imagination outside of those boundaries.

We have trained ourselves very well to a routine.  A never ending cycle of waking up, eating, working and sleeping and of course some healthy or unhealthy habits in between, according to one's taste. Once in a while when something drastically change we halt the stride for a while and think,'Am I doing this right?', of course 'right' is pre-defined by others . Never do we ask, ' Am I doing what I want to do?' or 'Does what I do make me happy?'. I think answering the former question is quite easy. You just have to compare notes with the ideal 'right' situation and see how much you deviate.

But answering the latter is hard. To know whether you are doing what you want to do you have to know what you want to do in the first place. For me as a kid I wanted to do a lot of things. I wanted to draw well like those pictures of fairies inside of lady bird story books. I wanted to fly fighter planes like Bigglesworth, play Badminton until my legs gave way, travel the world, etc... But one thing I sure as hell didn't want to do was to run for president. I mean who wants to hang one's photo on all the dirty walls in every town and village! 
But when you grow up, things change. You realize you have to make choices because time, money and lot of other things are limited unlike our imagination. You have to choose one or few from all the wild dreams, and sometimes even things you've never dreamt of doing ,like laundry or making the bed.

So after all the ranting, here's what I wanted to share. I watched this film called " Dead Poets Society" with late Mr. Robin Williams acting as an English school teacher. The film ends in a very sad note. Apart from the subject he teaches the kids a life lesson. " Carpe diem", to seize the day. Dream big but enjoy the day. Don't get lost in searching for dreams and pursuing them and forget the reason you went after them in the first place!(Hello!,remember happiness?)

Don't recoil away from change. I don't think even change will dare to conquer you completely if you meet it with a wild grin and a crazy glint in the eyes! :D

Enjoy your dreams, don't suffer them.